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TERRORISM: Israel Cracks Iran Code. Reveals Iran's Nuclear Program

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posted on Mar, 2 2004 @ 11:21 AM
Israel intelligence cracked Iranian communication with Pakistan years ago, and have information that Iran is not willing to give up its nuclear bomb. The information that they are giving to the International Atomic Energy Agency (I.A.E.A.) is minimal and they are only doing so after Israel leaked some of the information to the IAEA.

Jerusalem Post
A secret Israeli intelligence unit, known as Unit 8200, broke a sophisticated Iranian code enabling Israel to monitor communications, including contacts with Pakistan regarding the development of Iranian nuclear weapons, the New Yorker magazine reported on Tuesday. ?A number of years ago the Israeli signals-intelligence agency, known as Unit 8200, broke a sophisticated Iranian code and began monitoring communications that included talk between Iran and Pakistan about Iran's burgeoning nuclear-weapons program" Investigative reporter Seymour M. Hersh wrote in the article.
"The interpretation is the issue here," a former intelligence official is quoted as saying in the report. "If you set the buzzwords aside, the substance is that the Iranians were saying, 'We've got to play with the I.A.E.A. We don't want to blow our cover, but we have to show some movement. There's no way we're going against world public opinion?no way. We've got to show that we're cooperating and get the Europeans on our side.'"
Hersh reports that he met with a senior Israeli intelligence officer in Tel Aviv who has access to the secret Iran-Pakistan contacts and was told that Israel remains convinced that "the Iranians do not intend to give up the bomb.
"What Iran did was report to the I.A.E.A. the information that was already out in the open and which they cannot protect. There is much that is not exposed," he said.

Iran has been working on their nuclear program for years. One point that the United States has often brought up is that Iran has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. They recently completed a contract with Japan to begin developing and exporting vast amounts of oil from new oil fields found in Iran. Iran obviously has no need for nuclear power plants, at least not in the scale of what they are building.
Along with their nuclear program, Iran has been developing long-range missiles, which if equipped with nuclear warheads, would be a serious threat to Israel. The Shahab-3 missile has a range of 1,300 kilometers (800 miles), and would easily reach Israel, which is about 600 miles away. In 1981, Israeli warplanes destroyed an Iraqi reactor under construction at Osirak, which Israel suspected would be used to produce nuclear weapons. Iran has vowed retaliation if Israel attempts any similar incident in Iran. The situation is more interesting is when you know that Russia is backing Iran, while the U.S. backs Israel. This arena is looking a lot like a Cold War era standoff.

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