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Weather manipulation with Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons

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posted on May, 26 2008 @ 02:19 AM

What the masses of human beings all over the world have not been told is that it is possible to control and manipulate weather with a technology called 'scalar energy'. These energy weapons have other major capabilities that are even more dangerous than atomic weapons. Scalar Weapons could literally destroy the world and it is of the utmost urgency that human beings all over the world must be told of the existence of this devastating technology. ~Michael Shore

The relatively new Scalar Electromagnetic weapons utilize a new type of electromagnetic waves called "longitudinal waves" or "scalar waves." These wavess are beamed from giant scalar interferometers through an electromagnetic web called the "Woodpecker grid".

These powerful interferometers were promptly nicknamed "Woodpeckers" because of the characteristic sound of the chirped signal when received. That is, the received signal made a "pecking" sound much like a woodpecker’s beak hitting a block of wood.

Two scalar antennae together along with the computers to control them, make up a scalar interferometer, and according to Col. Bearden the Russians have hundreds of such installations already. These interferometers are called "Tesla Howitzers." They can deliver a giant blast of energy to the distant target site, true "action-at-a-distance".

Where the two scalar beams cross each other is called the "interference zone," and in that zone a dazzling array of effects can be produced, so many that it boggles the mind. And these longitudinal waves can go right through the earth!

Ten countries have this scalar technology.

Crop circles, Glowing Orbs, and Scalar Interferometers

Scalar interferometry may explain many unusual phenomena that are being sighted. Two immediately come to mind, the glowing orbs that are being seen in the skies around the world, and the crop circles. Both phenomena could be easily accomplished with the new scalar superweapons. Balls of plasma flying through the sky at phenomenal speeds may well be the "marker beacons" of the scalar weapons. Marker beacons are created for fine tuning the aiming of the devices. Air Force jets were recently sent aloft from Edwards AFB to chase two just glowing orbs. After chasing them a while, the orbs simple vanished. That is to say, the scalar beams creating the orb were turned off.

By feeding a graphic pattern into the aiming software such a plasma ball could be made to trace out that pattern, at the distant interference zone (target zone), making the standing crops fall over, creating a crop circle. Remember there are many modes and effects of these weapons. They are really the engineering of reality itself.

How to induce an Earthquake with a Scalar Weapon

Take a convenient fault zone or a set of them and focus the interferometry on the fault zone, in the "diverging" mode, and deposit EM energy there in the rocks on both sides, increasing (slowly) the stress in the rocks by the reverse piezoelectric effect (deposit excess energy, get crystal mechanical movements).

Do it slowly, and the stress will build up to large pressures well-above a plate slip minimum energy required. At some point, the rocks yield and one or both sides "slip" and move rather sharply, giving a very large earthquake in that zone.

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posted on Feb, 13 2009 @ 08:12 AM
The existence and potential of scalar devices is not only kept under wraps because of the devastating effects these can produce, but rather because of their simplicity, which enables virtually ANYONE to build and operate such devices with minimal skill and only a few dollars spent.
It is a common misconception, probably through disinformation tactics, that such implements would consist of complex and expensive hardware like HAARP, Woodpecker, et alia.
We are, at this time, using simple devices which do produce the desired effects experimentally and for meteorological purposes only. We are, however, fully aware of alternative applications. If this technology ever leaks out...
Want to know more, anyone?


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