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World Wide Seismic Event II...

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posted on Mar, 1 2004 @ 08:34 PM
The original W.W.S.E. thread was started because of my interest in the End Time Prophecies of an increase in seismic activity. I am a believer in Planet-X, Pole Flips and other related theories which would cause these earthquakes. I had no idea there were such things as Quake Swarms which shook the entire planet.

There still, in my opinion is some validity to the theory that H.A.A.R.P has some, if not "a" major effect upon the tectonic plates of the earth. That area still requires research. The disproof from a moderator may be a conspiracy in itself.

Not to take away from the new "Quakes 2004" thread, I would have started this one if I had been allowed to post.

This thread is for posting any information related to major earthquakes world wide which might give proof that the end times are real and world governments are working in concert to keep this knowledge from average citizens like us ( as if were really average).

If there is any information linking earthquakes to the effects from some secret weapon like H.A.A.R.P. then by all means, please post them here.

These are the two original links from the first thread, They are meant as a starting point for further discovery...

posted on Mar, 1 2004 @ 08:42 PM
Please... do some research, no conspiracy, Low frequency radio noise, it turns out, has long been associated with seismic activity.

posted on Mar, 1 2004 @ 08:48 PM
I'm more inclined to believe haarp is used to protect/boost earth's magnetic field from the effects of CME's which also have an effect upon the earth.

posted on Mar, 1 2004 @ 10:47 PM
Well let's see,

From my research, I am more inclined to think that HAARP has caused holes in the magnetosphere that allow more protons from CME's to enter the Earth's atmosphere and cause more turmoil wirth earthquakes and weather. And it nis no concern of the powers that be for they are insured and have escape if poo, poo, should hit the fan. That may even be the goal, NWO!!!

posted on Mar, 1 2004 @ 10:50 PM
Thank you for reopening the thread, I belive it is relavant to all.

posted on Mar, 2 2004 @ 08:46 AM

Originally posted by SkepticOverlord
Please... do some research, no conspiracy,

Low frequency radio noise, it turns out, has long been associated with seismic activity.

It really wasn't about Low frequency radio noise was it? Even the sun produces that.

I thought the issue was the magnometer readings as posted by dragonrider and how they related to a time peroid between a spike which coinsided with HAARP output and a seismic event which lead us to believe they were man made.

posted on Mar, 3 2004 @ 09:53 PM
I lost touch with ATS for a while and when i came back, DragonRider was just gone. i searched the forums for an answer, but i still don't know as to why he was banned, or why it was he decided to leave. whatever the case may have been, i think he was one of the more knowledgeable people on here, and its a shame to see that he can no longer be a part of such a great site. I really enjoyed reading his postings, not to mention following his takes on the debate tournament, which is a rad idea by the way.

If anyone would be kind enough as to inform me on his departure, i would be ah happy very foh long time! Thanks! Long live DragonRider!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted on Mar, 3 2004 @ 09:57 PM
wasnt he banned for some sort of abuse? i dont really know. someone sed check the way above top secret forums if u got access, which i dont.

posted on Mar, 8 2004 @ 11:08 AM
There have been a series of large quakes the last several days and today another...

A magnitude 6.0 earthquake SOUTH OF KERMADEC ISLANDS has occurred at:
32.61S 178.35W Depth 10km Sun Mar 7 11:08:01 2004 UTC

posted on Mar, 8 2004 @ 11:57 AM
Wat exactly is this thread about??....i mean earthquakes happen all the time. On a given day there is a decent 100 earthquakes going on, not all deadly mind you. So you guys think this is some sort of pole shifting, weather changing conspiracy????.....Doesnt make sense to me...

posted on Mar, 11 2004 @ 08:38 AM
Earthquake prediction for Friday, 3/12 in California
In a rather unusual move, Jack Coles has posted a one day window for a Magnitue 7.0+ earthquake to strike California this Friday.

If you don't know who Jack Coles is, he has shown a remarkable track record in predicting earthquakes based upon precursor signals in the ultra low radio frequency range. I believe his theory is that quartz and other minerals in the earth's crust begin to fracture just prior to a large quake and this action somehow emits some type of radio waves.

What is most interesting about Jack's research as of late, is that Jack had been predicting a magnitude 7.0 or larger quake to strike California between October of 2003 and sometime in January of 2004. If you remember, on December 22 central California had a very powerful earthquake that measured M 6.4. It would have been easy for Jack to claim that quake has fitting his current prediction, but he said the San Simeon Quake was not the quake he has been predicting.

You can read more about this prediction at the Syzygy board:

Here is the latest prediction per his messenger posted on March 7:

Hi Everyone,

I spoke to Jack this afternoon following Steve's post of yesterday. Jack has increased the percentage of probablity for his one-day forecast for a significant earthquake on the West Coast of California from 12% to 27%.

He raised the percentage based on the increased build-up of initial signals. He does not think he has received a main signal although some of the signals may be originating offshore. If so, the actual echo reading Jack receives from signals are reduced in strength by 25-50% percent. In other words when a main signal(s) occurs, and if originates offshore (in the water), the echo from the weakened signal may also be minimized. It may come through as an "initial" signal when in fact it is a "main" signal.

Jack said if he receives additional indicators by March 9th (day four of the initial signal) he will raise the percentage of certainty by March 10th. He wanted to remind everyone that his forecasts include plus or minus 9-15 hours from sunrise/sunset. Therefore the probable date of the 12th includes the 11th or 13th depending on the time of day the event takes place.

posted on Apr, 8 2004 @ 09:14 AM
Magnitude 4.0
Date-Time Wednesday, April 7, 2004 at 15:54:12 (UTC)
= Coordinated Universal Time
Wednesday, April 7, 2004 at 9:54:12 AM
= local time at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
Location 43.605N, 110.358W
Depth 5 km (3.1 miles) set by location program
Distances 36 km (22 miles) ENE (66) from Jackson, WY
38 km (24 miles) E (87) from Teton Village, WY
40 km (25 miles) ENE (61) from Rafter J Ranch, WY
341 km (212 miles) NNE (21) from Salt Lake City, UT

Location Uncertainty horizontal +/- 9.8 km (6.1 miles); depth fixed by location program
Parameters Nst= 15, Nph= 15, Dmin=48.2 km, Rmss=0.85 sec, Gp=148,
M-type=local magnitude (ML), Version=6

Event ID usgzba

posted on Apr, 13 2004 @ 06:20 PM
Alaska has more quakes that alomst anyone, maybe more than anyone. Do you think its odd it been a week sence any where recorded?

The calm before the storm?

[Edited on 13-4-2004 by SpittinCobra]

posted on Apr, 13 2004 @ 06:29 PM
i think we will see a new round of quakes this summer and watch for them to increase in magintude and frequency....i should have made this a prediction and i just might...hmmmmm

posted on Apr, 13 2004 @ 11:55 PM
Does anybody know why the seismic recorders at Mary Lake went off line yesterday about 1 PM and stayed off until mid day today?

There is a lot of activity at Mary Lake Yellowstone, always. I check its recorders every day. It bothers me when I see blank data, nothing recorded. Do you have any explanations?

[Edited on 13-4-2004 by radstar]

posted on May, 29 2004 @ 08:24 PM
We are getting back into the HUGE earthquakes again!!! Anyone see the Magnometer readings on that one?

A magnitude 6.6 earthquake OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN has occurred at:
34.30N 141.33E Depth 38km Sat May 29 20:56:13 2004 UTC

posted on May, 29 2004 @ 08:31 PM
An earthquake in probably the most active zone on Earth?


posted on Jun, 4 2004 @ 07:44 PM
This wasn't even mentioned on the news.

Magnitude 5.1 - ARKANSAS

A moderate earthquake occurred at 14:34:58 (UTC) on Tuesday, June 1, 2004. The magnitude 5.1 event has been located in ARKANSAS. The hypocentral depth was poorly constrained.

posted on Jun, 4 2004 @ 07:47 PM
Stop being such a point whore and let the thread die already.

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