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Bush White House blocks Asbestos Alert

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posted on Dec, 30 2002 @ 01:55 PM
Check your insulation if your home was built prior to 1997 - have your school board check you children's schools and have it certified.
If it comes to a choice between American lives and Corporate profits, whom do you think GW Bush will side with?

White House Budget Office Thwarts EPA Warning on Asbestos-Laced Insulation
by Andrew Schneider

"The Environmental Protection Agency was on the verge of warning millions of Americans that their attics and walls might contain asbestos-contaminated insulation. But, at the last minute, the White House intervened, and the warning has never been issued. The agency's refusal to share its knowledge of what is believed to be a widespread health risk has been criticized by a former EPA administrator under two Republican presidents, a Democratic U.S. senator and physicians and scientists who have treated victims of the contamination. "

Links: +White+House

OR +budget+office+thwarts+EPA+warning+on+asbestos-laced+insulation

And since documents about the Bush 'legacy' have a habit of getting scrubbed, the story is here as well:


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