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posted on Feb, 28 2004 @ 09:59 PM
Here's a part form what I found.

One of the great surprises to Brown and his monitor (remote viewers usually work in pairs) was the ability to target people who had died. Naturally, Brown focused on the most influential, including Buddha; Guru Dev, a great teacher of meditation; and Jesus.

Brown said he's not trying to change or denigrate anyone's religious beliefs, but is only reporting what he and other remote viewers have come across.

His contact with Jesus was especially moving.

"He was wearing a gown, and he was somewhat translucent," Brown said. "His hair seemed to be made of light. I soon got the impression that Jesus wasn't this austere fellow I grew up believing he was. He seemed quite friendly, and I detected a sense of humor."

Brown said he also had the feeling Jesus was expecting him.

Jesus' message wasn't all that different from that of 2,000 years ago: All things are a manifestation of God's love, and no life form is more important than another. The only difference between bees and bears, humans and extraterrestrials is their degree of evolution. Humans, Jesus told Brown, must help others in their evolutionary path. This includes extraterrestrials.

"Jesus didn't just say we should work with them," Brown said. "He conveyed the clearest concept of a command that I have ever received from any being while remote viewing."

Jesus also said that humans have free will.

The only time Jesus appeared upset, Brown said, was when Brown asked if non-Christians had to call on him to evolve fully.

"Quite forcefully, he stated that a name is nothing," Brown said. "Everything depends on personality development. Understanding and loving God is the important thing. That is what carries us through evolution."


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