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NEWS: Over 100 missing after explosion on Philippine ferry

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posted on Feb, 27 2004 @ 09:09 AM
Between 100 and 190 people are missing after an explosion on a ferry in the Philippines. The coast guard is saying that the fire started in the engine room, while the owners are disputing this, saying that it began on the upper deck.

When asked if this was a case of sabotage, the owners said that they were leaning towards that possibility. The timing of the incident is suspect as well. The explosion occurred just a night fell, when everyone was starting to go to sleep. Rescuers will have to wait up to two days for the ship to cool off before they can look for more survivors.

At least 110 people were missing as darkness fell Friday after explosions and fire tore through a Philippine ferry, killing one person and sending many into the sea to escape the flames. The coastguard said of 879 passengers and crew on board, 766 were rescued. It listed 112 people as missing, including two crew members. The shipping firm said of 899 on board, some 788 were rescued. It also listed one dead and 110 missing.

With the security of airlines being increased across the globe, is it possible that terrorist will begin targeting large boats crowded with large groups of people? The formula that terrorist seem to use is targeting large groups of people confined to a small area. In Israel, it?s crowded buses and restaurants. Elsewhere, airlines and crowded buildings have been the target. Security on airlines seems to be the major focus, but a cruise line ship can have 1,500 to 3,000 passengers on board. The newest mega-ships carry upwards of 5000 passengers and crewmembers. Already in question is the large number of Norwalk outbreaks on cruise lines. Hundreds of passengers at a time are becoming sick on these ships. As bad as these virus outbreaks may seem, a U.S.S. Cole style attack on one of these ships could be devastating.

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