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Prisoners driving Police vehicles in South Africa...

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posted on Apr, 19 2008 @ 07:37 AM
I came accross this on a radio station's website. Isn't it just DANDY being a prisoner in SA? You are even allowed to drive Police vehicles, without being guarded. All alone... And the guy behind the Combi? Oh, he was the truck driver, busy dropping fuel at a filling station.

Yes your eyes are NOT deceiving you. These prisoners were seen behind the steering wheel, and seemed to be looking through some kind of paperwork. A Docket maybe? No one knows... The police is denying everything, and is trying to tell us that this guy was NOT behind the wheel? Look at the space between the driver and the window, clearly a seat inbetween!
Nice being locked up in SA. The prisons here is just another word for State subsidised half-way house.

THAT is probably why the crime is so high in SA?????

See the following link, under the heading : Text


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