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OBE "Out Of Body Experience"

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posted on Apr, 19 2008 @ 04:28 AM
for this thread i am going to write about OBE as you see on the title you now or already do what it means it also has other names like spiritual projection etc etc
so anyway a few night ago i almost now if you are or not you would be wondering almost well when was just about to i suddenly remembered i had to breath so some how i wasent breathing and i can hold my breath for about 2 min but i am not talking about that so back to OBE i am going you tell you how i did it or almost did it i should say so anyway heres how to did it the ay i almost did

1: relax anyway you find how i relax just by lying down in bed at night when i am tired

2: slow your breathing do not try do do it quickly or you will find out soon that it just make you breath faster in a way so just breath more and more slowly bit by bit

3: think of a pure white orb of energy in your chest "i did it as tho the orb was getting bigger slowly

4:now think of the white orb spread out and go down your body then back up to your head keep doing this till you start feeling a tingle over your body "it also helps if you picture yourself in your mind and think of a sort of wall of this white energy that you made going up and down your body"

5:now if you feel a light tingle around your body try and increase the energy "this would be like increasing the intensity so think about the energy that is currently around you get sort of bigger thicker aka intensity"

6: now if you have done this right you will feel strange like your body is vibrating rather
or shaking no its not your body its the energy and spirit

7: now do not get distracted keep on powering up your energy the vibration will get bigger and bigger you may or may not remember that you have to breath "NO MATTER WHAT DO NOT GET DISTRACTED IT WOULD BREAK UP ALL THE WORK YOU HAVE DONE IN THE LAST 5 - 20 min"

8 now i have not gone that last point but if you did not remember you have to breath and find yourself standing up and wondering wth you have done it but that is what i think happens

just a little more help do not panic or feel worried nothing can hurt you while your traveling in the spirit world and oh yeh if you feel anything like panic you will find yourself in your body so like deep emotions like sadness anger or tho i do not think you will get angry in the spirit world at all and a little warning if you think about that place and mean to go there you will travel there instantly even go back in time if you want it to happen altho i dont think you might not want to go back in time you might get lost in it one more thing if you didn't know already the human body is just a tool to live on earth think of it as like a video game you enter the game and play as some guy its just like that we have logged into a game called earth and we can quit the game any time
and by quit that counts as death / spirit travel etc etc
and one more thing time only exits on earth and all that around so while in the spirit world your body will be frozen in time for you so even tho you can see the world move around you you may find that when you wake up you will feel like you have seen this moment of time before that cause you may have in the spirit world
also all this is meant for your benefit if you dont believe it bah dont listen then

posted on Apr, 19 2008 @ 10:07 AM
Yes but its that final push I struggle with, the letting go, and how do we stop ourselves worrying about it? I remember once being above my body and looking down at myself, I have NO idea how I did it but then I paniced and went crashing back into my body. I so wish I had just taken it in a bit more.

I have not seen your technique of the white orb inside the body before, Ive seen the one where you picture 3 orbs down to one outside the body and then let go.

Ms Green

posted on Apr, 20 2008 @ 04:20 AM
yes the finale bit would be the hardest im guessing always having trouble with it

posted on Apr, 22 2008 @ 10:32 AM
The few occasions I have got there (count on one hand) I just panic with the fear of the unknown. If only I could know for certain everything is fine Id do a lot better.

posted on Apr, 22 2008 @ 05:28 PM
Ever use binaural beats? They work by putting two different audio frequencies in each ear, (stereo headphones) your brain gets a wave of the difference. So 50 hz one side and 55 hz on the other would create a binaural beat of 5 hz. This a way to entrain your brain to theta and delta brainwaves.

The Monroe Institute has a series of CDs The Gateway Experience, that helps teach you how to do this.

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