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Why do we see UFOs?

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posted on Apr, 19 2008 @ 04:07 AM
We all love stories about UFO sightings. They make us feel that we may not be alone in this vast universe.
But there are certain things in many stories that strike me as weird.
Don't get me wrong I truly believe in the existence of extra terrestrials. By looking at the sheer size of the universe it would be insanely naive to think that
we are alone here.
Having said that, i would also think that if we are indeed being visited by ETs it is quite obvious that they would have technologies and understanding of the
universe far greater then our own.
Also( by the looks of it) the aliens are for some reason (maybe something similar to the prime directive) reluctant to make direct contact with us.
Now considering their (supposed) level of technology, it can be assumed that they would have stealth or cloaking technologies as well.( we have technologies
which hide us from radar and are working on ''invisibility'' cloaks of sorts with technologies like active camouflage)
By these statements it can be assumed that they would be capable of hiding themselves from us if they needed to.
So the question is why do we see UFOs?
Are they malfunctions in their cloaking devices or are they purposely showing themselves to us and if so why all the cloak and dagger stuff of hiding
themselves in the first place? Why not make proper contact with us?
If you say that they have dealings with our governments and they have asked them to stay hidden then that brings me back to my original
question of why do we see them in the first place.

Other theories could be experimental military aircraft but if that's the case then there are a lot of strange military aircraft out there and they have
been there for a long time and judging by the way the UFOs behave, those crafts have relay advanced technologies. Also looking at the fact that
we have been recording UFOs for over at least 60 years, why are those technologies not finding their way into the mainstream market?

Another reason may be that the ETs don't care about weather we see them or not. They are just passing by or conducting surveys and they
don't relay care weather ''us lower lifeforms'' see them.
What is the truth then? Are the UFOs military aircraft or natural phenomenon or are they alien tourists in an intergalactic zoo or are they far superior beings who think we are too young to make contact.
We have many discussions about weather an object is alien or not but not many people think why would an alien species would like to make contact and what motives they might have. Understanding this might let us understand the whole UFO phenomenon lot better.

posted on Apr, 19 2008 @ 04:29 AM
No idea. Just saw a white orb smoking at 10:50 est Cleveland Ohio. Out with the dogs in the backyard, ssw, 45 degree down inclination. I have seen dozens of meteors, this pup did not fizzle.

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