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The final word on race

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posted on Dec, 26 2002 @ 06:03 PM
People always want to say race doesnt matter or racism doesnt exsist anymore. I think it is foolish for anyone to say that. Reality is that racism is alive and well and does exsist. No matter how you try to hide it, it rears its head. I say look at it for what it is. Race is the dividing line throught the world. You can look around and see for yourself.. who owns most big buisnesses, Who hold most political positions of importance, who runs the worlds religion. To look past the fact that most of these people are of the caucasian race is foolish. Yes the caucasian race which includes anyone without pigment in their skin. Remember I am white, and there are many whites who know the plot of our white bretheren. I think it boils down to this, we have been spoiled so long that whenever another race rises up to tell us about ourselves we rebel because it is our way of life we have been this way since the beginning. Just think The people who rule the world are white. Then who will your god punish? Certainly not the ones who at there will. And we who sit back and act like our race is not as bad as "they" say, will be the ones who get it worse. Race does matter. It has mattered from the beggining and will always matter. Some say that we are all "gods"children, why would there be different races for us to argue and die over? The "gods must be different races themselves!

posted on Feb, 7 2003 @ 07:32 PM
We are all HUMAN, members of the great human family thats who we are, as for god(s) we are all created from the the same souce not many different souces, check the fossil records and the DNA. ALL of HUMANITY was spawned from ONE source.

We are spiritual beings, our bodies/skin color matter no more than old clothes we shed in death.

And as for the major religions of the world these religions were founded by people of color, Jesus is not white/European and the three main religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all branches from the same tree.

Yes you are white and you suffer from racism yourself to
think white people are ruling the world, last I checked Koffi Anan was secratary General Of the United Nation.

By the way, he is a BLACK MAN.

Utopian 66

posted on Feb, 7 2003 @ 07:50 PM
The whole reason why racisim is still so strong is ... well two reasons, one is the KKK in the south captures people who might only hate one thing (christians jews the sort) and then makes them hate everyone, blacks jews everything!

But another reason and I think the stronger one.

Is that liberals label everyone "He's gay, he's black, he's mexican" and then says they should have this that and the other thing.

If no one labeled you as "gay black or whatever" and there was never "white, hispanic (odd because that's a language) asian" bubbles on tests and such, then racism would fade away.

Labels = biggotry, racism only exists because HE IS BLACK, HE IS WHITE, HE IS YELLOW!

How about, HE IS AN AMERICAN, and that's it?

Another example of well meaning Liberals doing great harm.

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