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Dulles Philby Casey Bush Oil

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posted on Apr, 18 2008 @ 01:30 PM
The purpose of this thread is to discuss the ownership of Saudi Arabian oil i.e. the ruling family house of Ibn Saud, that was represented by Jack Philby, whose partner was Allen Dulles -- and how this was perpetuated by Bill Casey who was Ronald Reagan's handler i.e. intelligence adviser, and how G.W. Bush was a protege of Casey -- however Dulles was a protege of Prescott Bush, G.W.'s father, as all were representing the money-issuing families that own &/or direct the Fed and the Bank of England. Whereas W is a protege (puppet) of GW.

Nazi oil buyers such as I.G. Farben were represented by Allen Dulles, Philby’s partner. While, at the same time, German bankers and Spanish financiers were represented by Allen's partner (and brother) John Foster Dulles. John became director of CIA, and Allen became U.S. Secretary of State.

However, to participate in this forum, it would be helpful if you read The Secret War Against The Jews by Loftus, asap -- use the extensive index at the back of the book to pinpoint your areas of concern.

Also, read Peter Dale Scott who writes on how the petroleum/opium-heroin-coc aine/terrorist/banking community can not be separated -- which, is why we haven't captured bin Laden ...

...and, is why Afghanistan and Pakistan are Fed/Bank of England allies NOT enemies. After all, approximately one trillion dollars of drug money is laundered in Fed/BOE-directed banks, every year.

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