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It is the end of all things...

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posted on Apr, 18 2008 @ 01:14 PM
Usually I take a great deal of time to compose what I am about to write. I have my own blog which speaks to Christian theology, eschatology and conspiracy theory called "Out of the Pigeon-Hole". However, as I have been browsing, I have felt such a sense of urgency that I cannot help but to spontaneously post.

This is the beginning. Recently there was a closed session of Congress that spoke to government preparedness in the case of civil unrest. That civil unrest will come with the realization of Peak Oil. Gas prices that will continue to surge over 4 dollars and heading for 5 dollars. Perhaps the house of cards that is the stock market will finally crash. Whatever the causality, the result has already been anticipated. Then maybe 6 months or a year later, martial law...a suspended constitution...all of the worst case scenarios. Tribalism will return to our world along with the brutality of fuedalism..."history, a new wrinkle, we are doomed to repeat..."(Neal Peart).

I strenuously recommend the book, "The Long Emergency". Of all the books on the consequences of the post modern addiction to oil, that book has the most cogent view of managing the time afterward.

While I would never seek to prosteletyze on secular board, I am mildy comforted that none of what is about to happen is going to take God by surprise. My grief is that Christians who should have a discerning view will be surprised, mired in the oppulence of the Evangelical Emerging Church, and will seek to continue to be advasarial with a world they are supposed to love sacrificially.

We are talking months here, even before the epochal 2012 deadline. The American empire will crumble and the flawed suburban experiment will lead to such incredible hardship that our nation will soon breath its last. Then the queen can move to the private property she bought around the Denver Airport. Then we can watch our private property confiscated, our wealth seized, our children drafted. Food will be like gold. Non Agricultural areas like the southwest will suffer worst and first. A massive migration to more temporate climbs will insue and the people who were there first will seek to defend against the refugees. We can always count on the worst in the human condition..."No one is good, no, not one."

I will be picking up on this in my own blog but less spontaneously. It is going to be a strange sad summer. Please check out my


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