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Something odd I saw last year

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posted on Apr, 18 2008 @ 10:50 AM
I write a lot, so sorry if this is written in novel format. Just how I write things. Sorry about the tdlr;

This happened in November 07'.
Ok so I'm going to try to set the scene for you folks.
It was about 10 pm on a clear night. No clouds, stars were enjoying their free reign. The moon was yellowish and quite big. It hung lower in the sky than usual. I live in Melbourne, Australia and the moon does this about once every two months. Nothing unusual about it, just quite pretty. Me and three of my friends were mucking around in a carpark. We'd grabbed a can of beetroot and were whacking it with our roller blades.

ANYWAY. I'd lost interest and was standing away from them staring at the moon. I then noticed something long and black on the side of the moon. I was just standing and not taking my eyes off it. I became aware it was actually getting bigger as if moving closer towards us. * It looked like it was very far away in the sky when I first saw it. Then as it got bigger looked like it was only a few K's away* I said to my friends to come and have a look and they did. We stood staring for about ten minutes at it.

To describe what it looked like. It was thin. It looked like a slightly angeled long rectangle. It looked completely solid. After about 5 minutes of staring at it, it had become about 4 times it's original size. And it looked like it was moving forward, towards us. You could tell it was moving forward and not just getting bigger because it had moved slightly to the right. ( I tried my best to explain that, sorry!)

As it had gotten bigger, it had started to expand. A long rectangle like part had attached it's self to the bottom. It hadn't come down from the top, and hadn't appeared and attached itself. It had simply 'materialized ' itself there. The second part seemed to grow in length and the top part seemed to grow in size. It seemed to just come towards us for about 2 or 3 minutes. Then it just stopped moving. By this time we were all standing in a row just staring directly at it.

Then as sudden as it had started growing and getting closer it started to just fade. My friends and I and are 100% certain that it was a solid object. Ie; How a plane is or a rubber duck is solid. But we watched as the object immediately started to brake apart into cloud and fade. The original shape was still there. It was now all broken and looked like it was made of thin clouds.

Now just go over it again. When I noticed it it did not look like clouds at all. It was moving closer to us and growing in shape. It didn't look like mangled shapes thrown together. Even though we had no idea what we were looking it, the design made sense. Though it was a solid black colour you could make out angles on it. Now for 10 minutes more we watched as it grew in size, changed shape (almost so we didn't notice it changing until it had already changed.) appeared to be moving towards us, then suddenly stop and fade away as if it'd never been there.

I TRYED to draw a picture, which turned out pretty bad. Sorry. So yeah. Just wanting opinions. It defiantly wasn't clouds to begin with or a plane. For some reason every time I think of it I get a image of howl's moving castle flying in the distance against the moon. Though it looked nothing like howl's castle.

Anyway. I wanted to share.


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