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Looking for a ppl wiz to a social issue

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posted on Apr, 17 2008 @ 06:37 PM
By the government, who in all are excluded as being a ppl and/or discriminated against as being a ppl?

I'd say the mentally ill are excluded for a sure discrimination while the convicted criminals are included while discrimination against them is encouraged. They come to mind first though surely there are many more. Have any of you knew of any others?

I know by those with something in common (men, women, children; followers of a leader or religion; those of a particular group, company, or number) there are they that are included as being a ppl, though not all are guarded by the law against unfair discrimination yet.

By law race, gender, and creed are as groups with law passed so that you should not be discriminated against because of any of them. Shouldnt the law extend to the full definition to ppl though, so that no body is left to be discriminated against?

Some ppl are discriminated against by being a citizen to their own country by settling foreigners who obtained legal citizenship.

Those with something in common have to be first recognized and secondly reguarded by the government. You're not discriminated against because of your race, gender, or creed, but you may be discriminated against by another group you belong under such as if you're of the mentally ill, the convicted criminals, the hip-hop/rap culture, the smokers, the obese, the etc. The government aint so slick. It's obviously encouraging discrimination outside race, gender, and creed as if all else is fair. Right now we should all have the power to put other groups as a ppl that have been noticed to be discriminated against unfairly on the map of what things should be given legal guard by law against discrimination within the country. So get word to Congress on down to the candidates at hand. If they are true to want change, then they should have no problem with such.

By "we the ppl" is it only including citizenship? And/or is it including race, gender, and creed which got a form of legal guard against discrimination? What in all actually?

posted on Apr, 17 2008 @ 11:05 PM

Please avoid using "TXT Messaging Shorthand" for words when posting on and, such as "4" for the word "for" or "u" for the word you. Common "Internet Slang" acronyms such as "LOL" and "ROFLMA" are acceptable, but should still be used sparingly.

First of all, I want to remind you that this is the correct spelling for ppl: people. The above quote can be found at the bottom of the text field when making any post.

There is some merit to your argument that regardless of the laws, there will always be ways in which people can unfairly discriminate against others.

However, discrimination laws do cover those with disabilities, which would include those with mental illnesses, as well as all the other categories you mentioned.

Sometimes, it's hard to hire someone or keep them on the staff when they are psychotic, manic, depressed, or have acute symptoms of many other disorders. In these cases, it is up the the employer to make accommodations that might include treatment for the afflicted.

In many cases where there is unfair discrimination, it is up to the victim to seek justice in a court of law. Many people either don't have the ability or desire to pursue a court case.

Sometimes they do, as in the case that you can read in this court document:

Datt v. McDonald’s Restaurants (No. 3), 2007 BCHRT 324

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