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How could WW3 begin? and is it about to happen soon?

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posted on Apr, 17 2008 @ 06:18 PM
This is just a THEORY on how, in today's political and social climate a World War 3 COULD start based on what's happening around us. Also on how it seems we are being pushed into it on purpose.

Obviously world wars or even wars in general require various incidents to occur before war is declared, so based on previous wars we can get some idea of how this happens and what to look for.

Step 1 - Create an Enemy
I'm sure we all know that Iran, China and the East in general are being viewed recently in a very hostile manner. The question as to if these stories are true I dot know and in some respect it doesn't matter, just the fact these stories appear in our news is enough to worry about.

Sorry for the amount of links but its just to prove a point, in most cases you only need to read the headline to see my point... The following links are from just one source and every one seems to aim to either scare us or make us angry towards the countries I mentioned above -

I could post a lot more but I'm sure you know the other stories out there, all negative and all making an enemy out of particular countries... so we have our enemy.

Step 2 - destabilise the population
Again I'm sure we all know things are not all that great at the moment, food shortages, price rises on everything from gas to food, credit crunch, house prices, economy... in fact most things that have an effect on the average persons contentment are going in the wrong direction. Is this on purpose? have the powers that be created this situation? I think so but it doesn't matter.... the situation is still there.

Now for the next step, which is the part that hasn't occurred yet so this is purely what I think could happen but you could replace this with many other probable event.

Step 3 - The Event

This will be the spark that will eventually lead to war, an event that must be big enough to anger not just one country but an entire divide of the world, an event that will make people want war, an event that could go nuclear.

What will this event be? I think this.... the assassination of the Pope by a Muslim man, and maybe its been tried before. Could it be a false flag event? I think so. This also ties in with the idea that this will be our last Pope, if it goes Nuclear I can see this as a possibility.

The main reason I think the above is because its the only event that would split the world in two and anger people enough to accept a world war. Well that's what I think, if a WW3 was to start.

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