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Myron Fagan

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posted on Dec, 26 2002 @ 04:54 PM
it was not hard for me to find this audio of Myron Fagan speaking about what he claims are the origins and history of the Illuminati
they came from this one site that had a bunch of the files, i was only able to download the first two, as the others could not be found when i tried...heh
anyway, if anyone wants these i have them zipped up in a 5.5 mb .rar file, they are about 25 mins long each
lots of names, dates and locations are dropped for your cross refferencing amusment, i have not done any myself
but will soon
(email me if your interested)

posted on Jan, 5 2003 @ 01:26 AM
i think i have all 6 files of what you are looking for, here they are if your interested ... i still havent listened to them all.

if the links dont work by the time u get here drop me a u2u and i'll try to get them to you.

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