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'Buy out's' and shelved suppressed technology patents.

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posted on Apr, 17 2008 @ 02:03 PM
I have been wondering about patents and how they work, and whether it would be possible to find away to change (or find loopholes in) the current system of filling patents and weeding out suppressed technology for use.

I have an idea! which I will get to shortly.

There are a couple of examples in the BeFreeTech link below of how major corporations, government organizations and the global elite oil mongers put pressure on the individuals who come up with ground breaking inventions, and suppress technology.

These 'Buy out' and intimidation techniques are common place with major groups who feel that as we move forward with the evolution of technology their profitable companies will stumble and become out dated.

The web site outlines a fair amount of Tesla inventions and research to view, and as anyone with a conspiracy bone in there body suspects, there is a lot more we are not allowed to view, thanks to these same techniques where patents were implemented from research seized whilst Tesla was alive and after his death.

What I would like from some like minded people is a little brain storming in to ways that the patent system could be changed (peacefully), so that we could work on similar inventions (for non-profit).

My idea would be to change the system so that when an individual files a patent, the product must come in to production.

This would mean that ideas would not be shelved by the individual if adequate funding was not achieved, and other individuals could attempt production.

This would also mean that a major organizations would have to implement ideas taken in buy out's in order to own the patent, even if they profit from them, i would rather see the opportunity taken and pay for it than see wars fought and humanity desecrated over the financial strength of oil and resources.

I am not too sure how to aproach this idea, but I will be doing some research.

Ideas can come from anywhere at any time and sometimes the most rediculous insight is the correct one, the world could be so a much better place if we worked together to change it for ourselves.

Just my 2p's worth.

Ideas, opinions, comments and links welcomed.

Regards S_G


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