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Flashing Lights w No Source

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posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 09:37 PM
Hello all

I wanted to get you ideas on an incident that happened to em a few days ago...

I woke up at aprox 3:30AM because there was flashing lights coming in from the window next to my bed. When I parted my curtian i could see the entire outside area around my home was slowly strobing with a bright white light.

I remember i thought this was strange because if a low flying plane of helicopter would make a loud noise but there was absoultly no sound at all. I should mention also live in a rural area where there is no light source that could reach my window such as a road or neighbor close enough to make a light that bright.

Anyhow this lasted for sometime arround 30 seconds and then it seemed to move off inot the direction of the woods as it faded away. The odd part was that even as it seemed to travel to a vanishing point through the trees i couldnt see a source it just seemed to fade away in a direction with no embodiment. Also as a note I was looking out a second window at the time it went away on a different wall.

Has anyone else seen strange silent strobing lights form nowhere?

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