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Lady Liberty Hijacked!

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posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 08:01 PM

Check out this flyer for Chicago’s upcoming May Day March, and tell me what’s missing:

It seems that the open borders crowd wants to hide the natural beauty of Liberty Enlightening the World under a gaudy cloak of multi-culturalism. "Lady Liberty’s pasted-on new duds consist of a patchwork of flags from around the world…but not an American flag in sight.

Up front, the flyer calls for “legalization for all” — a phrase which, by definition, admits to the illegal presence of those it is designed to support. Why would “legalization” be required by someone (or 12-20+ million someones) who wasn’t here in violation of our laws? "

Then comes the demands

Equal Rights in the Workplace for All Workers

For the Right to Unionize

Employee Free Choice Act

Fair Wages

End the occupation of Iraq

Equal Access to Education

Universal Health Care

We are spending BILLIONS for illegal immigrants and they ask, no DEMAND more. I'll give you more alright, but it wont be money or health care. First the Absolute ad now this?

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