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posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 05:07 PM
Ever tell yourself, "I wish I had the time" ?
Ever ask the mirror, "Won't you please be kind" ?

Time is fleeting, there's no repeating, unless it's in your mind.

On my daily trip to work,
I sometimes develop a "routine-quirk",
Where in my head I'm miles away,
appreciating nature's wonderous day.
The times I've wasted toiling hard,
the things I've come to disregard,
All catch up with me on days like this,
I end up saying "I wish, I wish".

Wish I had time to sit by the brook, and hear its babbling,
Wish I had time for a second look, and cease the traveling.
To stay put, as long as it takes,
Enjoying peacefully . . all land and lakes.
Wish I had time to do what I please,
To chase you, court you, my Louise.

The older we get, the less time we have.
Didn't time just drag on when we were youngsters ?
Seemed like it took forever to wait in line or get something done.
We're older now and always under the gun,
So many things to do, sometimes we run,
Ourselves ragged, trying to perform,
up to expectations when we should . . reform,
Our hectic lives.

When was the last time you actually took time to "smell the roses" ?
Took time for a slow kiss, took time for a long walk, a nice talk ?
With someone you haven't spent enough time with ?

Do you see how time gets away from us ? Never seem to have enough,
do we ? Maybe you should sit right down here beside me and share your
thoughts. Gosh, it's good to see your smile again. I always liked the way
you thought about things.

Yes, I'm doing okay myself. But I wish I had the time my youth wasted.
I wish I had the time.

Time is fleeting, ther's no repeating, unless it's in your mind.

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