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Philadelphia, UFOs secret experiment + frequency's

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posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 10:02 AM
I was think about Philadelphia experiment, UFOs, anti-gravity + other secret experiment and their characteristics like fore instance monatomic gold and the theory about every thing that's matter is actually dens frequency's.

Is it possible that the USS Eldridge was being tuned to a frequency that every atom of the ship + people on board became in a state (vibrating in a certain frequency)thats also described with Monatomic Gold.
Read this link

Also I reed a lot about sound and their frequencies (which is popping up every were lately,) and there ability to regroup matter. 528 hz for instance is used by scientist to repair DNA.

So all this together made me think about dimensions, time-travel, teleportation and anti-gravity etc and the connection with different type of frequency's (sound, light, electromagnetic) .

I think a lot more secret test and crafts can be connected to the above theory.

Id like to know what others think of this?


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