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Writing a screenplay, need military advisor.

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posted on Dec, 26 2002 @ 02:38 PM
I am currently writing a screenplay based around the New World Order, Secret Societies etc. Quite honestly it is planned to blossom into an epic portrayal of the possible future.

However, a great deal of content for this script is based on Military issues of which I am not very familiar with.

Might there be any of you interested in aiding me? I basically need someone with solid knowledge of Military jargon as well as certain procedures etc who can help take my scenes and make them more accurate.

If this of interest to anyone, drop me a note.


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posted on Dec, 26 2002 @ 11:55 PM

In reply to your current Post I am willing to discuss your project and see if I might be of some help. For your information I offer the following about my background:

a) USAFSS & USA Veteran; (USAFSS is a military branch of NSA) 1957-1964

b) Military Occupation; SP & MP, guarding USAFSS & NSA Compounds.

c) Currently semi-retired/self-employed.

d) Active in three Veterans Organizations.

If you wish to converse further regarding this matter you may contact me directly by my e-mail address, please stand willing to discuss your background and I will give a greater detail of mine.

Theodore L. Gieseking (USAFSS-SP)


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