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The Real Question about the Truth

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posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 02:29 AM
Why do people even need to be convinced that their gov't could work against them? To me, pulling off something like 9-11 is very very difficult but it is like practicing your art, your craft. It is what you prepare for, to make sure your big number goes off without a hitch.

Do you all not realize there are an infinite number of people working jobs you will never hear or know about who are designing aircraft and weaponry that the public will not glimpse for 20 years .. So why is it so hard to believe there is a group of people who are the collaborators for these conspiracies? It is not crazy in teh least in my opinion.

The only important question to me is that we *those who seek the truth* find the most plausable and realstic scenario that answers all the questions of who did this, who wanted it done, and who the event would truly benefit.

These glaring errors in the gov't story are the things, the beacons for truth that we need. We needn't worry about "how would of landing gear get there without a plane? " Like I said before, there are capabilites that we "the public" cannot begin to imagine.

Why do you all not think your gov't is smart enough to fool you? They do it all day every day.

We were told to believe that there was no way to think about an attack like airplanes being used as missiles when teh same day there were wargames simulating that very scenario.

America acts like its dumb when it wants to and it is a good enough excuse to get the public off the back of their elected officals. Why does this work? To me the overall lack of intelligence of the average person coupled with a need to trust their gov't only creates an enviroment where big plans and events (like 9-11) can be ultiized as a control mechanism and to further the current agenda and talking points.

What I trying to get to, is that when you approach 9-11 and the Islamic threat, this whole thing is so obivously being controlled from behind the scenes. The war on terror is to keep us scared and controled and the threats are only in name. Al Qaeda and OBL and Islamic exteremism is so obivously overblown and taken out of proportion that 9-11 and America being under attack is the only thing that would keep people believing that America is vunerable and lacking security

9-11 was the perfect pretext that gave a blank check to do what ever miltarily was requested and to suspend what ever civil rights are needed in teh name of America.

Throughout history when a gov't wants something to change, a terrible event happens.

9-11 is so obivously an inside job, so why can't we prove it? It really bugs me. I've been following this site ever since 9-11 when I saw the buildings brought down and deep down inside I knew something didn't add up. But through all the years we have not gotten anything that we can latch onto to refute when sometimes tries to discredit this movement.


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