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Blessed Virgin Larry/Genitortures

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posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 09:36 PM
Okay some of my friends have been asking me.. Who did you use to play in a band with.
Back when I was a bit younger and had time to rock out! Drink beer all night, sleep all day I use to play with a little band called Blessed Virgin Larry. I will post a couple of our videos here for you all to check out the music. BVL is still going strong to this day! IMO they rock!
I had the time of my life playing with Gamma!
We remain good friends to this day. I sometimes wish I never did leave for my wife and job, as today both of them are gone.. Such is life.
Prehaps with some time I will start something new.
I was a keyboard player, I play guitar, drums. You name it, I can play it

Tho Im not much of a singer. Back up vocals yes. but lead front man no.
However I can play lead guitar, or some killer bass lines. Keep a beat with the drums, or keep the flow going with the keyboard.

I was born to rock! And yes folks, metal runs threw these veins.
BVL is a bit goth/rock/surfer/punk/retro.
Gamma has been at this since 1980. So dont say.. You are trying to be like someone else.. He has been at this for a long time now.
And put the road out for some bigger namebands today.
Prehaps you heard of us.


I'm Killing You!


AFter my days with BVL, I played with a band called Genitorture.
Be it I was not a standard member of that band.. I was a fill in for 2 shows.
But man it was a great time!
Im still good friends with Gen, and Evil D to this day.
My girlfriend right now Lillith Vain, is one of their dancers and goes on tour with them often.
But these days, all I do is work.. I have no time to rock..

As I tried to find some time to play in Miss Vains Band called Spider Vain!
A very kewl chick band.. Yes I would dress up like a chick and play keyboard with them.. Good times!!! They are some hotties!

So there you have it folks. Those are the bands Zysin5 has played with.
I hope you enjoy.. I know I did!!!

I would post some Genitorture, but those of you who know.. IT would totally break the T&C,.. Those guys get a bit brutal.. No need to break the rules here.. As we have been kicked out of many towns and cities for our outragous shows.. Yes if you know or have seen a Genitorture show, then you know what Im talking about!!! Evil grin!~

Back in the day when I had all my hair and stuff... My wife played with us for a couple tours.. She was our back up vocalist. Good times..
Im glad I had the chance to spend that kind of time with her and my friends. These are the memories I will carry with me till I die!

Well now you know a bit more about me!!


P.S- Dont get me wrong.. IM no Rockstar.. Im just a lowely slave Cook now a days.. But at one time I had dreams about being some mega rockstar.. That is until I learned the truth about such things.
Call me crazy, but Id rather be the unknown than famous.. Screw being famous.. I dont desire that.. Im happy with who I am today.
And Always enjoy jamming out with some good friends.. Music is one of my ways to release my fear, my anger and hate. But thats all it is for me.
Famous I am not. But around Tampa, clearwater.. People do know me, and always get a chuckle when chicks come up and show me some love!~ Guys to.. But thats more along the lines of a handshake, and like dude.. ARent you? Yeah I use to be.. IM just a cook now.. You want that medium? Or Medium rare? lol!

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posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 09:43 PM
lOl I like it, escpecially "the girl you fear"

posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 10:01 PM
reply to post by 23Eulogy23

THanks man!@! hehe you picked out the only song I wrote and had a big hand in making! Those are my lyrics! Everything else is all the work of Gamma! He spent a few weeks with me teaching me the music!
And then I showed him one.. The Girl you fear is one of my old songs I did in highschool!!

Thanks for taking some time to listen

posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 10:38 PM
Okay I found one that wont break the TAC!
I personally loved playing this song!
Man I really begged Gen to let me stay in the band!! Ive been a long time fan and was very much honored and humbled to be an add in for a couple shows!
Here you are folks!

shell of machine love

Thus if you want to hear some more..Heres a link

Just to many naked women, and Naughty naughty things going on for me to post anymore videos..
I learned about 23 of their songs for the tour. But there are so many songs.. Like I said, I was on my hands and knees litterally begging her to hire me on!!!
But I am humbled to have done what I did for that short time..

I will add this one, becasue this song made it into a video game Called Vampire Bloodlines. Good game too.. But this was another one of my favorit ones I learned! Im sure out of the many songs Ive posted many of you might have heard this one

BTW. Thats not lillith Vain.. But another lillith.. I dont know this chick personally.. But she is a cutie

Got to love Gothic chicks! And even better when they start throwing their panties and bras up on the stage!!

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posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 05:43 AM
Lovin' the goth chicks eh Zy? Well I'm lovin' the cooks with a passion for rocking out.
Totally awesome buddy. And yeah, can't believe you didn't tell me sooner, but hey.
Dude we need to open a restaurant. You cook, I'll host and serve, lol.
Get us some live band entertainment!!!
The more I learn about you Zy, the more I realize why I call you such a great friend.

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 06:27 AM
reply to post by zysin5

I think they're called The Genitorturers (plural). Anyway, I really like their song Letcher Bitch.

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 11:52 AM

Originally posted by Toromos
reply to post by zysin5

I think they're called The Genitorturers (plural). Anyway, I really like their song Letcher Bitch.

Hey Toromos, Yep they are pronounced with a plural! Gen= Genitorture.
Genitortures= the band! Yeah I really do like that one too!
Gen is one of the most baddass chick lead singers I know of! That woman can freakin rock!!! Shes a really nice person too!
With any luck I will get a weekend off soon, and I off to Tampa to go hang out at the club house.

AD- Thanks chicka! You know I lov ya! and Yeah you build it, I will cook it ! And have guitar will travle! Make sure we open the shop here in Florida. Most the bands I know are local here.
If you remember when we where in our Teen Tampa was the Rock Capital of the world.. I grew up here so naturally I meet a few people, learned a few things!
Heres a funny story for you. Death metal bands use to play at Bennigan’s.
They would move out some of the table to have mosh pits and stuff.
That is until an opening band named Rot got a little out of hand, and someone broke their neck on a table. Death metal was banned from Bennigan’s ever since.. LOL true story..

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posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 01:14 PM
reply to post by zysin5

Oh hey Buddy..
For sure! I need Florida sunshine!!!

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 02:00 PM
I am so impressed.
You rock!!! Even the genre appeals, though I'm somewhat selective about the metal category. Probably why I listen to so much Jrock and Japanese metal bands like D, I can gloss over some of the words if they don't appeal. Though some of Asagi's song have a redemptive quality that appeals to me. Sort of like Sesshoumaru, bad ass until the child Rin came into his life and started purifying his heart and turning him into a reluctant, oh so very reluctant, hero in Inuyahsa! Its one of my favorite themes in mangas too! If I ever start working on the one I want to create, its going to have the redemptive element within. I love the energy, the libido, and the certain goth appeal in the visual , but stumble over some of the more violently expressive messages. THE GIRL YOU FEAR stands out in the group. I had absolutely no idea that you were one of the joybringers that make this world worthwhile, despite its many shortcomings. Thank you.

The Genitortures - I touch myself is one I like from them.
Of course I got spoiled and watched the tribute to Jrockers one with that song. It was yummy!
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posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 06:46 AM

Originally posted by mystiq
I am so impressed.
You rock!!!

Thanks Mystiq!! I would be just another struggling artist if it was not for my fans and the kind words of women like you !!
I honor you with my music! I honor all those who have supported me in all I have done with music over my time here on this earth!!

I have always had so much joy and love from being a joygiver!! I mean its just part of who I am, and what I am at the base root of my very being!

Music and the arts have very much defined me as the person I am today!
And still to this day makes me the person I am today!

This is why I have such a deep rooted feeling that the universe itself has some how been forged and defined by Sounds and Vibrations.!
The songs that play across the universe as we speak is something I have always found great peace within!

Music is my life! And its just a big part of my life! As with my new job I got working my way up to becomming an AV engineer! I mean I already have the know how, and have spent the better parts of my life setting up stage, and these where the days long before I got started with these named bands.. I mean I use to be on the road crew most of my life.

And while I was part of a guild I would swing my Axe!! And over time I just picked up on this stuff, and took off on my own.. Well not on my own as in solo.. I had so much help!! And in no way can I take credit for most of this work!! I was just a fill in guy for Gen. and had no part in any writting or song writting.
However BVL gave me the room to speak my mind, and to let my creative side run wild!! And put alot of effort into alot of what you hear up there!

Im just happy to get out of the kitchen!! hehe AS thats what most artists and bleeding hearts end up doing with their lifes when things seeminly go down the drain..
But like with any strong person, I bounce back every time!
And I bounce back becasue I belive in myself!!! And I have so many others who also belive in me!!
And I cant explain to you the kind of empowerment that can give to a person!! Its like no matter what you do.. You can not fail!!!

As for every loss, is a gain! For every failure there is a lesson to be learned, and for every turn that might seem bad always turns out for the best!!

I never regret not honestly wanting to become big and famous!
I have so many old friends who are now being controlled by their record labels, and live within this tiny little box of control..
I never wanted that!! And its why I will remain an underground artist for as long as I live!
Nothing, no man, no amount of money can tell me what to write, and how to play it!!! Not even millions and millions of dollars!!! Because at the end of the day I am happy, and my friends are happy! And most Importantly my fan base is happy!! They are the ones that I honor so much!
People like you guys who stopped in here to give me the time of day.
And allow me to share with you what makes me Tick!!!

IM happy I have a platform to come in and speak my mind, and share a part of my soul with you all here!!
Its very important to me!! And no ammount of money or fame would ever break me!!!
When its broken, so many great people and artists in this world befall into the mind numbing drugs, and meaningless sex with thosands of women. While never really being honestly happy.. Its sad.. And I personally know a few of my old buddies who lost their lives to this type of control..

But to each their own!!! If you want it bad enough, you can get it!!
Just be careful what you wish for.. Its the God honest truth!

It is a constant fight for our freedoms on a different level!
And I enjoy my free will, and my free spirit!!!

I love you guys!!! YOU ROCK!!!!

As I am nothing without YOU!!!!

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