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Question about "shrim" (mantra)

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posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 08:11 PM
I have posted the question below in an existing thread, thinking it would be the wise thing to do because people might benefit from the thread's revival.

I did receive a perfectly valid reply. But I think my question - which is very specific - might get more attention on its own than within a thread with a less specific title.

So here it goes.

I have heard and read many times that the "seed" mantra SHRIM is supposed to attract wealth, abundance etc. In fact, there is a post in the aforementioned thread that says just that:

For Abundance, Prosperity, Wealth: Shrim (shreem) seed mantra associated with the Goddess Lakshmi who provides wealth, health and prosperity.

Now, I have no doubts whatsoever about the (re)creative power of sound.
(I do have certain doubts regarding its relation to the language in question itself, but more on that some other time.)

My main question at this particular point - and please, forgive my "naivety" - is simply this:

If chanting this mantra ("shrim") provides wealth - and considering the fact that even WE (in Europe and the USA, among other places) know about it... why are there so many desperately destitute people in India (among other places where Hinduism is also well rooted)?

The only answer I can see at this point (besides the possibility of it simply not working at any level, of course) would be that there has to be something else involved - perhaps a specific religious belief? (The mention of Lakshmi alone seems to indicate just that; but practically every text I've read about mantras affirms that Hindu beliefs are NOT at all essential to the practice.)

It cannot be just belief in its efficacy, because I am sure many of those destitute people (yes, they are abstract, but I doubt they would be purely "hypothetical") have at least the same degree of belief in its efficacy as any of us.
And besides, that would mean it IS bogus in a sense (the equivalent of a placebo pill with indifferently attributable qualities); or at least there would be no need of singling this particular mantra as the bringer of abundance.

I really don't know; but I do think it's a question that deserves to be discussed.

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posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 08:40 PM
High occultism regards the methods of yogism as a negative driving force. It has been said that after an exhaustive journey and several years of travel through the east including India the Sufi regions and tibet that not one single true initiate was found, let alone any true masters. All were found to be rooted in negative yogi practices hence the deteriorated states of every one of those cultures. The law of attraction or cause and effect in action.

Further it is found that while the diet of these peoples is often vegetarian and promotes for a short period of time an increase in energy, over time the lack of meats eventually chokes off the very forces it intends to build. However an over abundance of meat within the diet brings on physical congestions. The theory being to cycle through both phases based on the work.

The basis of sound being a producer is relevant to the belief of the person and does not seem to make any difference as to the language uttered. This comes down from the Magi, and before that the Priesthood of Salem.

posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 09:10 PM
reply to post by Illahee

That's highly interesting!
I didn't know there was such a "rift" (please, note the quotation marks :-)).

Could it be - this is obviously just a thought - that there was some kind of "cultural" gap separating them - and concealing whatever real achievements may have been there?

I do have to disagree with at least the vegetarian part of it.
I have been a vegetarian for more than 20 years (OK, I'll admit to eating a fish every now and then, maybe a few times a year... I am not proud of it). And all I can say is my personal experience (physical as well as any other form of energy) doesn't seem to corroborate their fears.

But more on that on some other occasion...

Anyway, I was just coming here to post that "I've got it" (I think): you probably get what you're concentrating on. Which would explain why many people who live in (material) misery may chant "shrim" all the time - but if they're concentrating on their lack... You get the point.

Here's a blog I found. I am posting it simply because I think it might be of interest to others here. (And please, disregard the blogger's spelling. :-)

Anyway, thanks!
I hope I get more opportunities to discuss it.
Because, regardless of my "eureka" moment (which may or may not be valid), I would absolutely want to hear the opinions of those who advocate the use of mantras.

posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 09:28 PM
reply to post by Vanitas

Those findings were based on the comparing and sharing of each groups practices. We are referring to the lands around where certain outposts are established, in those regions. Very cause and effect workings in the systems.

You may want to up the fish to a more regular volume and possibly shellfish if you have no allergies. The daily pork chops and steaks are what causes the physical and spiritual issues, but light meats are no worries.

A lot of folks try to dive in and end up in bad shape. over the long term either direction should only be changed slowly. Taken a new vegan to the er before for debilitating bloat pains. Slow and easy with any changes.

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