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Could there be a connection?

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posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 08:47 PM

This essay will not present any answers, at least from my input…but may raise some key questions that forum responders may give some insight to…

I am not a regular ATS viewer, but I am thoroughly impressed with many of the discussions and insight of many of the thread-writers…

Well, here goes…scattered as it may be!

1)Isn’t it strange that we have not have had one terrorist attack in over 7 years?

2)Not even ‘one’ loose cannon, who strapped a few sticks of dynamite on, and went to the mall or baseball game entrance? Not one?

3)Does that mean we are that good? Is our intelligence is that tight?

4)Could it be there are not that many ‘bad guys’

5)Why have we spent 3 trillion dollars in Iraq?

6)Why has George Bush, knowingly, allowed his legacy to be trashed? (knowing that most Americans are against the war.)

7)Shouldn’t his ego (for a more favorable opinion of his tenure) have outweighed killing a few bad guys (since we have not been attacked?)

8)Is he/are we looking for something over there? Shouldn’t there be something BIG to outweigh his desire to set aside his memory?

9)Does 2012 mean anything?

10)Is wormwood and planet X the same thing? Is it on it’s way?

11)Is the end soon?

12)Has Israel been returned to it’s homeland? They won the war in 1967?

13)What does a ‘generation’ mean in the bible? Could it mean 45 years? 1967 to 2012?

14)Were the mayans right?

15)Were the Sumerians right?

16)Can anyone here connect the dots, or am I not sleeping enough???

Thx for listening…


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