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Norwegian Anchorite Club

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posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 01:26 PM
Today one of Norways biggest newspapers disclosed a norwegian secret society! I'll try to translate at the best of my ability;

The Norwegian Anchorit Club were founded in London 15. May 1944, after a intitiativ by King Haakon! The Club is described as "a professional and social forum for persons with maritime interests in Norway". It's goal is to foster solidarity and fellowship "in the fine Spirit of the Sea". The club is inspired by the british "The Anchorites", which was founded i 1919. The Royal King Haakon and the Crown Prince Olav of Norway were invited as guests several times at their stay in Britain during World War II.

The club has a "Ship Counsil" (same as a board), a "Skipper" (foreman), and "crew" (members). The Clubs crew are first and formost leading persons in maritime business, agencies and the Navy.
Flag-Commander Anders Veel became the new skipper in March 2008!

To become a member you have to be invited by an exciting member, and aproved by the Ship Counsil. Membership costs are kr.1000,- per year. In addition the members pay for dinner.

Every 4 dinners a year, a "Principal Guest" is invited. Some of the known guests have been the president of the norwegian parlement, the defence chief, the general inspector of the norwegian navy, the american and british ambassadors, the chief of norwegian broadcasting, the editor in chief of "Dagens Næringsliv" (the biggest economic newspaper in Norway", the president of the confederation of norwegian enterprise (NHO), and several of the leading politicians of Norway.

This is the link:

I'll probably find some more info if you're interrested!

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