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The World According to Monsanto {Documentary}

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posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 12:19 PM
This is a pretty good documentary.
It covers G.M.O., Pesticide, rBGH - basically you get a good overview of Monsantos grip/control in this world.

They have bought up many of the companies that sell farmers seeds, so in India, for example, it is hard to not buy Monsantos cotton seed. (which is genetically engineered to have a pesticide in it...)

Im totally for science and research.
As the former C.E.O of Monsanto stated in this documentary - science is a tool, neither good nor bad, its how its used. I agree...but I think Monsanto is using it for the bad. (Mainly control, but there are definitely some negative benefits in using their products as well.)

Lot of sources used in the documentary, again its pretty well presented...I think most of you will enjoy.

Google Video Link



posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 01:11 PM
Ill reply to my own thread.

Just a couple of thoughts of things that were interesting to me:

1) The control over seed. - you cannot replant seeds from them...not that I would want to plant it to begin with.

Revelations "no man will buy or sell without the mark." forget the mark, its "Monsanto".

2) The deal with the corn in Mexico was interesting, and all you from the N.W.O. forums should enjoy the bit about the role that N.A.F.T.A. plays in this.

3) I already mentioned it above I believe, but farmers from India can only buy seeds from Monsanto basically as they have bought out the main seed suppliers. (Again control of the worlds food.)

4) The smear campaigns by Monsanto which were traced to them and one of their P.R. firms...ha, cant hide on the internet heh? The world is truly a smaller place now. They cant manipulate how they used to...well I suppose if your not interested in looking, but then again you wouldnt be at ATS (or rather 'seeking') if you were not interested in knowing whats going on out there.

A lot more. It was quite interesting and diverse.

I have not problem with organization/control, per say.
But the way Monsanto is going about it really is more about control form a fear/greed aspect...not from a good heart.

Maybe we are just some ant farm for some alien species that looks like us, (watchers from the Bible), and they are experimenting on us like we do on rats. Isnt that lovely.

Now I will emphasize, that technology and science is not bad.
And just because the main guy (ex - C.E.O.) of Monsanto said the same thing doesnt make this statement any less true. But what is true is that the tool is however it is used in the hands of he who wields it.

And what is bad for one is good for another...well until they eat some of their pesticide food and find out they need to now genetically engineer their bodies to adapt to their weird food. But be weary, they will patent you next.

They already put a patent in for the pig in 2005. I put up a link to that somewhere else on these boards. Just do a google search on this, and you will find the article in greenpeace.

Master mother nature before you go out and try to be god and play with making syths, etc. But who knows, maybe they have mastered nature.

I saw a interesting video on with Michio Kaku. (He was interviewed on art bell...suppose this was in 2004), and he mentioned that he was offered to be a nuclear physicist and that other physicist were trying to entice him with the power, so to speak...the ultimate "bang for the buck", or however he put it.

He said that was not really the way he wanted to go...and was for more about approaching technology from a peaceful path instead of nuclear bombs, what-not.

I guess that would be me.
Dont stop technology, but re-evaluate the approach.

There are to many people ruled by ego/power/fear that have the say so in the world at the moment for change to happen.

But there are many people waking up and seeing the pure absurdity that is happening with the likes of Monsanto, etc. You just cant suppress this stuff anymore.

No not all will wake up or see...nor is it necessary. The only thing is necessary is on the individual level. So, many are seeing life for what it is...coming out of a long sleep.

And nothing that these egoic centered corporations do can stop that awakening.
Well they could nuke us all so they have the last laugh, but I dont believe that is even an option any more.

Well, enjoy the video, and again its quite can seem dry at parts, but toward the end starting with India then Mexico, got interesting...for me. But the beginning gives the background, to some extent, of Monsanto.



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posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 01:15 PM
Have you seen this thread?

I was reading it yesterday, and it cross references another thread made very recently concerning Mansanto.

Your video may be newer, so I will give it a watch.

This information may be some of The Most Important.

Mess our food up and oh my!

posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 01:43 PM

Originally posted by interestedalways
I was reading it yesterday, and it cross references another thread made very recently concerning Mansanto.

Yeah, Monsanto has their fingers in everything it would seem.
Im pretty passionate in life about one

Mess with my food and try to control it, well, that just doesnt sit right with me.

Seriously though this is one subject I am passionate about. (Nature & Science).

I like to see a holistic approach and a mastery of what we already know - in nature - before trying to play gods and causing a lot of grief in human life, from ignorance, (or just not caring)...up until we are finally genetically modified to cope with such foods.

And of course they would want to patent us at that state.

(like I mentioned above with the pig) Sound crazy...well thats what this is - crazy.
The mind ruled by the ego is insane.

As for the video, I posted it in its own thread as I have not yet seen this concise of a video put together on this issue of G.M.O., pesticides, and food control (courtesy of yours truly...Monsanto) - also there are quite a bit of sources/people put into the video to help support what is being said.

It was pretty well done, though it can be a bit dry at the beginning if you know this stuff. However, toward the end you will see/understand how they are working throughout the world in India, China (and we are supposed to be at odds with them...yeah right), and Mexico to control the world supply of _ (you fill in the blank, they want it all).

Quite amazing, and as I said, some of this info, i.e. the N.A.F.T.A agreement and its role in all of this, would give the people in the NWO forums here something to talk about!

I will state again though, technology/science is indeed not good or bad, but we must break away from being controlled by the ego to make good sense out of it.

Like Eckhart Tolle said, "Cleverness is not intelligent". It seeks its own purpose and end...which is what Monsanto seems to be doing.



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