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This may be a silly idea but....

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posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 08:48 AM
A way to get into Area 51 why not disguise some sort of remote control car as a rock, attach a video camera to it and roll it slowly past the guards turning on the camera when you actually get to the base?

Im not a technically minded guy so I dont know if its possible to operate a video camera remotely from a long distance or what the range is for remote control cars but if you could get a car that had batterys that lasted long enough and enough range on the remote could it be possible?

posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 08:59 AM
They'd pick up the transmission between the operator and the receiver, unfortunately.

If you could find some way to physically turn on the camera, as in for example by a timed setting, it might work.

Plus, i think they might have some sort of electronic identifier in those bunkers they have dotted around the landscape (like what the predator has), so any electronic peice of equipment would probably be picked up.

I think your 'rock-cam' would probably set off alarm bells all over the place, to be honest, and you can probably expect the thing to be taken apart and analysed for clues.

It's a good idea though - if it was possible to have it transmit a live feed from the ground to somewhere else in a similar fashion to how mobile phones are doing with video messaging nowadays you'd be able to get a bit of actual data, at least on the topography.

Which we have satelliete imagery for.

Perhaps the only real method we have for knowing what goes on down there is to monitor what goes in and out, but i sincerely doubt they would move anything heavy in.

Which backs up the case for the underground tunnel networks - if they wanted to move a peice of machinery in there they'd either have to;

A) Make it on site.


B) Transport it in.

Now, presumably they'd of realised by now that people can monitor what goes in and out of that area, so the intelligent thing for them to do would be to transport it underground.

Unless of course, they're playing us all for fools and the site we think is Area-51 is actually a dummy site.

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