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Well Being

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posted on Apr, 12 2008 @ 04:16 PM
Hello friends,

I suppose this belongs in Medical Issues or maybe Paranormal. Anyway. Have you ever felt an overwhelming feeling of well being, clarity, love, and/or understanding of the way things are, for no apparent reason?

This happens to me fairly often, usually when I'm alone. I can just be sitting watching TV or surfing the Net and get those feelings above.

So my question is. Are these just a surge of seratonin or brain chemicals (not sure of the spelling:roll
Or is this a spiritual infusion of love from a possible creator or universal connection to some source of love and knowledge? When it happens to me it lasts for moments or hours. I'm am not a believer in much of this worlds religious beliefs, but I do believe in existence after death and have had numerous of so called OBE's. I would love and hope to believe it is something experienced from a spiritual stand point, but it could surely be medical and physiological/psychological.

What do you guys think, and do any of you experience this from time to time?


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