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Perth Trainstation Weirdness!!!

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posted on Apr, 12 2008 @ 12:09 PM
Ok, today something totally weird happened in Perth, its always been there but today, it seemed I became aware about it.

Who here feels 'differently' as they walk up a flight of stairs, or go up in a lift?

The new addition to the Perth Railway station is designed with occultism in mind, now don't think 'oooo occult is evil'. Let me explain something here.

Who has heard the term 'As Above So Below'.

In non-physical reality, everything is a mirror image of physical reality - we are, a mirror of the totallity of the mind of God.

So if there is 'God' in non-physical, then the mirror is the 'Dog'. If there is 'Evil' in non-physical, then it is 'Live'. If there is 'YOD' then there is 'DOY'.

Of course, english is designed in such a way that each letter actually has a vibrational frequency in relation to the shape. For example...

E = MC(2).

E = Energy (True in mind of God)
M = Mass (different in the mind of God)
C = Light (True in Mind of God).

So with regards to C - there is a Medical Conspiracy that I will get to later, but its to do with the shape of how the skull is cut open to remove brain tumors... More on that later.

(PS, Conspiracy means, PRO PIRACY, as CON is Latin for Pro, and SIN is latin for 'With Out'...more on that later too lol)

So now Perth Trainstation is designed in such a way, that you have to 'walk' down the stairs as you 'descend' and not use the escalators'.

The more you use the stairs the more you descend, but its a smooth transition - not like a bungee jump...

Fall from grace anyone?

Now a long part of the walk is 7 stages of lighting using spectacular LED display, as I walked past at usual walking pace, the whole spectrum was BLUE right next to me as I walked past. I could hear the energy, it was soothing, but I was very tired.

Then walked down another flight of stairs... I was really feeling the drainage of energy now.

Got on the train and BOOM. I fell asleep, couldn't do anything. It felt I had slept for 1 hour, when only 1 station had passed.

Trains represent 'DNA' in dreams. So what I sensed about all this was that I was unlocking DNA sequences to become more aware of who I am as a spiritual being, and although I have this information already, I was becoming a little more psychic.

What is the agenda of the Illuminati? To unite all Cults (C = Light remember) from the past, into one New World Order...

I can see the bigger picture, just cannot explain it just yet...

So on the way home as I arrived into Perth, again, now I could use the escalators to go up the flight of stairs, again having to pass the LED lights at usual walking pace, my energy was being returned.

In the morning it was going 'South of River' to 'North of River' and returning was 'North of River' to 'South of River'. South = Hades, North = Heaven lets say. Now don't go all religious on me people, its just an analogy for balancing polarities.

So descending into 'north' was balancing the 'lift' into south. Like a Ying Yang.

I know who is behind all this, but its for you to find out, its about overcoming the ups and downs, today my depression has 'lifted'


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