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Looks like the NWO are preparing for 2012?

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posted on Apr, 11 2008 @ 04:36 AM
Check out this link.. im not sure if anyone else has posted this yet. its about a private massive gettaway building being made our in Nevarda for the PMs and Presidants of the world! Says NWO safe house to me.. or some kind of prep for 2012? who knows? Just seems sad that they are spending 150m on building it when so many people out there are starving.

Text"Forget Chequers and the Palace of Versailles. The next time Gordon Brown or Nicholas Sarkozy need a bolthole in which to recharge their batteries or a place for a private pow-wow, they might find themselves lured to a new retreat amid the pink rocks of the Nevada desert."

posted on Apr, 11 2008 @ 05:08 AM
Don't like this project at all, smells like a Bilderberg to me.

Now that is a REAL group.

Not some fictional group like "NWO" group.

Don't confuse global elite, which is quite real and exists with "NWO" which does not exist.

In May 1973, with the dramatic fall of the dollar still fresh, a group of 84 of the world's top financial and political insiders met at this secluded island resort of the Swedish Wallenberg banking family, at Saltsjoebaden, Sweden.

This gathering of Prince Bernhard's Bilderberg Group heard Walter Levy outline a "scenario" for an imminent 400 percent increase in OPEC petroleum revenues.

The purpose of the secret Saltsjoebaden meeting was not to prevent the expected oil price shock, but to plan and manage the about-to-be-created flood of oil dollars, a process US Secretary of State Kissinger later called "recycling the petro-dollar flows."

Present at Saltsjoebaden were Robert O. Anderson of Atlantic Richfield Oil Co.; Lord Greenhill, chairman of British Petroleum; Sir Eric Rollof SG Warburg, creator of the Eurobonds; George Ball of Lehman Brothers investment bank the man who some 10 years earlier, as Assistant Secretary of State, told his banker friend Siegmund Warburg to develop London's Eurodollar market; David Rockefeller of Chase Manhattan Bank; Zbigniew Brezinski, the man soon to be President Carter's National Security Adviser; Italy's Gianni Agnelli, and Germany's Otto Wolff von Amerongen, among others. Henry Kissinger was a regular participant at the Bilderberg gatherings.

The Bilderberg annual meetings first began, in utmost secrecy, in May, 1954, by an Anglophile group which included George Ball, David Rockefeller, Dr. Joseph Retinger, Holland's Prince Bernhard, George C. McGhee (then of the US State Department and later a senior executive of Mobil Oil).

Named for the place of their first gathering, the hotel de Bilderberg near Arnheim, the annual Bilderberg meetings gathered top elites from Europe and America for secret deliberations and policy discussion.

Consensus was then "shaped" in subsequent press comments and media coverage, but never with reference to the secret Bilderberg talks themselves.

This Bilderberg process became one of the most effective vehicles of postwar Anglo-American policy-shaping.

In 1973, the powerful men grouped around Bilderberg decided to launch a colossal assault against industrial growth in the world...


posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 02:51 PM
I would venture a guess that any "safehouse" for the elite would be an underground base. Thats the only way to guarantee safety from any hazardous fallout that may be the reason for their having to go to the so-called "safehouse".

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