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TheOracle's view on Telepathy

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posted on Apr, 11 2008 @ 02:30 AM
Does it actually work is it in the realm of fantasy? It's one of the subjects I've been studying for some years and I'd like to share it with you

Does telepathy exists?

Yes! We as human are all bound psychically. To various degrees but what is certain is that the closer the person is (emotionally or genetically), the more likely a telepathic communication will occur.
I've been myself subject to this phenomena, and I am sure many of people here too. It comes in subtle and often strange ways.
It can come in vision: remember one day waking up to see my mother next to me trying to tell me something - but it was only later in the morning when I woke up, that I realized she was actually hundreds of miles away. It then occurred that she was actually trying hard to reach me!

Dreams are also a good medium for telepathy - in my opinion 98% of all telepathic comms happen in dreams, very hard to discern but with practice it gets easier to pick up. How many of us dreamed of people just before they died? I know I have, twice. I also often dream of relatives when they are in distress and I learned how to differentiate between dreams and actual messages. In general, the more real a dream appeared to be, the more chances it had a telepathic message.

Telepathy can also come in forms of thoughts,feelings, smells, sounds.
Aliens communicate telepathically as well - a different form of telepathy I will specify in a different topic.

Is it possible to control it?

No. Well not at this point in our evolution at least and I suspect if we ever reach such stage, it will be in millenniums or maybe technology will beat us to it.
Having said that there are ways to become more receptive to other people thoughts and feelings.

The first step in becoming "telepathic" is learning psychology and body language. you'd be astonished in the amount of information you could gather just by looking at someone. Gaze, hands, feet, posture..give strong clues.
Then there is reading Auras, is it extremely easy to learn and give you a general idea of the person you are facing (again saving this for another topic!)
You can also set up your dreams to help differentiate its content . You can share a memory with a person (an object for example) and let this person make a constant mental link object-person. Then go on for some auto-hypnosis and sleep exercises to associate telepathic messages from that person with this object. So every time you dream about that item, there will be a message coming along.

And finally you can tune yourself to others with exercises of focus and meditation. Don't expect to tap into people you don't even know! Love is a key factor, the more you care about someone (or even your pet) the easier it is. And it's a two way street, it is only when one wants (consciously or not) communicate with you that you will get something.

I hope this helps

posted on Apr, 11 2008 @ 10:22 AM
But still I dont see the point of being telepathic and I think you might be confusing normal human emotions as well as our ability to sense it. I can definitely tell if this person is stressed or anxious by looking at him.
what i find interesting is the whole dream of a person before he dies and when a person generally senses something bad is gonna happen to someone which is common. but what does that gotta do with telepathy, thats just future telling.
dont get me wrong im open to it because I like transhumanism and believe that someday thats going to happen. btw, do u have any special experiences about this, have you ever INTENTIONALLY tried it. you mentioned love, whats the connection there?

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posted on Apr, 11 2008 @ 11:54 AM
There are countless stories of people sending telepathic messages when they are in distress and those who pick them up are the people with strong connections such as love (twins stories for example are very compelling, i read the case of a woman actually seeing what her twin sister was seeing). I know in some cases it could be prediction, but when it happens at the exact time.
I have tried to intentionally send/receive but with no success, it appears to be random and beyond control, the best I can do is sort them out which also very difficult to verify.

There are definitely messages being sent though.

posted on Apr, 11 2008 @ 12:33 PM
I have found that telepathy, while very difficult, is indeed possible to control. It requires large amounts of practice and an even larger amount of determination.

I'm not going to say that I can, for sure, do it every time, but I will say that I have been successful with it in the past, and at times have seemed exceedingly talented.

The more you practice, the larger the chance of the message getting through increases. It'll still stay erratic, but it will slowly become less and less so. To my knowledge no one has mastered it completely, and if anyone has it probably took them years to do so.

If you're looking to improve those chances of getting a message through, and have any friends interested in doing the same then I suggest you play some of the games, that are labelled telepathic, mentioned and explained here:

Some of them will only work when you are not in direct physical contact with the person your playing with. Those were designed on and for the internet, and if you can get someone to play with you, they can be quite successful.

Have fun and enjoy your practicing!

posted on Apr, 11 2008 @ 12:53 PM
well i believe that we have the potential to achieve telepathy but no way is anyone doing it today. it needs a stringent spiritual exercise or some kind of technological enhancement to get us there plus, the world today is such a distraction to thought processes that we daily ignore what our mind is telling us and instead listen to what the media is saying or our basic stupid desires. don't forget that the fact that we will all die someday makes us feel very vulnerable and we tend to focus on mediocre culture-driven achievements that are futile to actual human improvements. Unless we first achieve life extension and the word death vanishes from our vocabulary, only then would we focus on what really matters since we will have nothing else better to do. we will finding meaning in other things rather than silly meanings as dying rich or finishing ur personal 'Things To Do List'

psychiatrists will not guide us towards that since thats not a normal thing, they will get us to act according to their constructed view of whats normal, whatever perpetually places them in power.

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posted on Apr, 11 2008 @ 01:32 PM
Astral projections or OOBEs can say things or communicate telepathically to other persons. They can read what we imagine, so therefore when you sense their presence you can draw a picture of a word or phrase in your mind for them to read it. Either way, there are theives and robbers being the telepathic community out there. They can make a person seem insane who are truely not when the case is it's because of the telepathic astral projections or Oobes.

The mind in the main mind of the astral projection or oobe possiblely cant be controlled just like how in the human mind within the main mind sometime it seems uncontrollable by itself or by because of who is inducing something into it.

posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 05:18 AM
lol! I knew it! I knew Mabus would be here spouting how inherently evil such a thing as telepathy is. That made my night

I will be reading this thread more thorough when I have time and will edit this post in a few hours - dead tired and need to get some sleep after working damn near twenty hours. I had a feeling Mabus would have left his mark here, lol.

posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 05:51 AM
The real problem with telepathy is that you need to split your mind into several in order to make it work. Or use someone else as a relay or having 3 people (1 alive and 2 not, although it wouldn't really be true telepathy) acting as 1 but that's not something I'd like discussing.

I am 1 (nonphysical) mind but with physical senses to sort things out for me. Meaning my body catches sounds and "I" interpret these (it is like a filter or barrier). But with nonphysical communication the thing that interprets a thought is also that which receives them from someone else and also that which produces thoughts itself. And it can only do 1 thing at a time (even though many things in a short time). So you need to split the mind into a part that receives messages and holds them until the other part of the mind can interpret it and then there's a third part that can transmit a message back. I assume transmitting and receiving are seperated because of similarities to the ear which can only hear and not speak. Also there might be a fourth part of the mind which can produce thoughts out of itself (but not so much influenced by received thoughts).

If the mind isn't split in 3 then communicating would be that "I" pass out while receiving a message then after it's received I'm back and interpreting that which is received. If "I" am "out" then I can't be aware of the message thus I can't remember. Ofcourse I don't know how the physical brain stores that kind of memory but if it somehow miraculously could then to the "I" the message would appear coming out of nowhere. Most people would freak out because of that alone; having thoughts that don't seem to come out of myself. There'd be no filter and the "I" would be lost in all kinds of external thoughts. So I'd have to either make myself 4 "I"'s or reinvent the self and individuality alltogether (like seeing myself as part of a collective).

Also in pratical terms telepathy would be very difficult. With today's media the senses receive a lot of information, you can shut off to a degree (ignore those influences) but still it would be difficult having to deal with both the physical flood of information and the nonphysical. That is very hard and might give all kinds of problems in a society where telepathy doesn't exist. Instead you might live out your life diagnosed a schizophrenic or ADD, try finding a normal job.

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posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 06:17 AM
reply to post by DuneKnight

Death should be seen as a transition, it is funny how we all know we are going to die but not prepare ourselves for it. When alive we see ourselves as our body, an image of it and the things we do that make up our identity. That's not what we really are, if there is an existence beyond life then our identity would change radically. I could see myself as my physical appearance in the hereafter but I could also choose to appear as something totally else. It doesn't really matter what skills I've learned in my earthly life; they are only useful there and not so much in the hereafter. Even something as simple as navigating, going about in the hereafter is different; you don't hop in a car and follow a sign that says "heaven" - you'd have to use your imagination to teleport yourself somehow and that is something few of us have nowadays; instead we'd rather watch someone else doing something that someone else did years before just in a slightly different way.

"psychiatrists will not guide us towards that since thats not a normal thing, they will get us to act according to their constructed view of whats normal, whatever perpetually places them in power. "

Think of it more as the healer that has healed the entire village and made sure they understood why they got sick in the first place; effectively putting himself out of bussiness as well as the main reason for his existence. It's some kind of underlying instinct many healers have wether they are alternative or mainstream.

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posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 04:18 PM
No telepathy is not just a random ability, it can be controlled and used for good, and bad. i personally can control the message's and images i send, but not always with receiving.

i find that sending message's is simple, nothing more than directing a thought in a certain direction, whether that "message" is an immage to show a friend where i am, a suggestion because something is wanted or a subtle message to a close friend in a crowded space. With receiving messages, i believe it takes a message to be sent for a message to be received whether it is sent purposefully, or subliminally doesn't matter. When picking up "random" telepathic message's we are usually picking up things that a person is sending out subliminally.

Just my take on the subject.
If your interested in trying to send and receive messages, just give me a U2U and we'll figure something out

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