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The PS3 OS- Linux any better?

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posted on Apr, 10 2008 @ 01:11 PM
I have found myself without a computer, so I'm maing due twith my PS3. Before you ask, I didn't want it, it's to expensive and doesn't have any great games on it, at least not yet. I'm not a huge gamer anyway.
But as a net computer it almost could substitute. Except for the lack of Java and Flash, and several other issues with the web browser. Since I can't install anything from the local browser, if I switch to the Linux version, will it be any better? More memory I know, wich'd be great, but would i be able to update sjava and flash, and add in some anti bug ware?

posted on Apr, 19 2008 @ 06:08 AM
If you don't want it, my friend wants one, give it to me so I can give it to here. Then her and I could link them up and play games together.

I love my PS3, it is better than my 360, and my PC is a few years old, so not much for games these days.

Search for Yellow Dog Linux (latest free release out - YDL 6.0). Some use ubuntu or fedora, but YDL is made for PS3, utilizes the processor, and I heard future PS3s may come with it (it originally was going to, but I have a feeling it wasn't far enough along in functionality).

The best advice is read the forums you find that are YDL on PS3 specific, read the TerraSoft FAQs and details/requirements.

I can tell you, if you don't have a USB mouse and keyboard and don't want to buy one ($10-15 at wal-mart) then don't bother, it is required. If you don't have a big enough flash/external drive to back up your data, and you didn't set aside a partition, then you will lose all your data when it reformats to give the OtherOS 10 GB. You can install it in text mode, but it suggest you have at least a 720p screen to use and for graphical installation.

There is Gnash as a Flash workaround, not sure if YDL 6 has a Java workaround, and haven't tried Gnash on YDL, since I have a PC, and haven't used YDL much past the first couple days after install on my PS3.

So, depending on how easy you want things ... you might be better off browsing from the browser until you can save up for a cheap PC. You can get nice ones for not too much, especially if you are willing to accept a refurbished unit. Bottom level PCs are quite decent now. I don't have my PS3 near me right now, but wasn't there a setting to turn on and off Flash? I know there is something like that, because I was trying to explain distributed computing and folding@home, and had to turn it on to allow the video to play.

I am not sure why you are not proud to own a PS3. What gives you a negative attitude towards it? Look, if you had a 360, you couldn't browse the internet right now. There are good games, have you downloaded any of the demos? I have tried just about every one, and I liked quite a few. I suggest giving every one at least a shot. Heavenly Sword had great voice acting and facial expressions, and the game play wasn't bad. Oblivion, some people have multiple characters with more than a 1000 hours each. More games are coming soon. I am not the gamer I used to be, but I just had to defend it. It also isn't 'too expensive'. An Iphone is more expensive. I have an 80 GB and I paid as much for it as I did my 20 GB 360, has better backwards compatibility, runs smoother and is not as loud.

posted on Apr, 20 2008 @ 12:37 AM
Heh, mainly I'm just tiked at the functionality of the browser, I need to be able to do research and watch videos for class, something it won't allow me to do.
What I meant by no proud of it, is I goit it for free, from my mom, at a time when we are already having financi9al trouble.
While it may be fine for my mother to spend cash she don't have, i don't have, and probably won't have, the necassary funds to replace my computer for a good deal of time.
(It costs around two hundred to start sparring at my karate class, and I can't even cough that up at the moment.)
I've been reading up on Linux for the PS3 and run into a few snags, the most obviouse of which at the moment is the need for a PC.
The problems I have with flash player seems to be that the ones provided through Sony are apparently dated, as well as there being a lack of codecs and plugins I run across on a regular Internet search.
I also want to use Linux to get a feel for it,


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