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An End All Trouble

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posted on Apr, 10 2008 @ 12:31 PM
It's where ppl cleanse themselves and the time of all that is troubling them. Call it Global Self-Defense Day. Perfectly legal is self-defense when your life is threatened or in immanent danger.

There is not a soul that can claim nothing is troubling them. For if not by a blind you, then by other ppl. Surely they can see and perceive that you are in trouble. You shouldnt have to live in a troubling time. So what can be done is us removing the living beings that are the causes to the conditions, situations, and/or circumstances of a threat or immanent danger to your life.

It is the living desire and will of the ppl of the globe to end all trouble.

Which of you will honestly say you have no desire and will to end all trouble?

I'd say to you that that's because you could only be one of ones causing the trouble to others with delight. The wicked are the wages of iniquity to man (the only us and our judgment). The wicked cant be classified as man, but must be classified as monster of all sorts of abominations. When global self-defense day acts as a final, firm response, it may be all over for whoever is as a monster. These monsters' egos are too high, and what they mentally get off on is always being another person's trouble. The most Sacred is as a society of monsters who relate to each other and are for each other in whatever they can do.

Only men do what they want to do while only monsters do what they can do to disturb the harmony of those only men.

Heard of Ghost Busters? Well be introducted to Monster Busters!

Any comments or questions?

As for when this End All Trouble Day may start... It may any day or any night when us only as Man wont stand for the trouble nor the monsters behind it throughout our streets, cities, states, and countries. Preach all the lies in the world, and they wont save any cause breathing behind trouble. Self-defense is a form of self-help which the ppl need (and can relie on 100%) since we cant leave it up to the wicked to just up and stop their ways in causing the trouble.

The planet needs a cleansing away of all the foul sacred beings. In my book you're a criminal when you wont let nor allow another to help themself the best to their ability. No, an actual criminal looks to render that ability the best they can. It's therefore a crime against life. Those kind of criminals deserve whatever gives them hell here first, then hell there, wherever they go to after this world, last.

Anyone feel what I mean needs to be addressed firmly with the lack of mercy?

The monsters wont have a chance in hell to trouble any one else.

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