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UFO Beam Reports

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posted on Apr, 9 2008 @ 04:50 PM
There has been a lot of talk of "Blue Beam" but do you realize UFO beam reports date back a very long time? And they are commonly describe as having a blue color. Here is some of my personal data that I have compiled. I do not attest that all of the data is truthful. There are enough reports through to conclude there is substance to such testimony (not just recycled lore).

|_| = related field to particular report for personal records in comparing UFO cases.



Of course there are many other UFO beam reports I have yet to discover.
-322 BCE Tyre, Phoenicia (1)

Suddenly, the largest UFO shot a beam of light at the city's walls.


1666 August 15 Robozero, Soviet Union (1)

Two fiery beams, also about 130 feet in length projected from the front of the object.


1783 August 18 Sudbrooke, Essex, England

It emitted fixed flashes of light, lightning, which lasted about 30 seconds.


1812 Bucovina, Russia

A large star with many rays appeared and in the night she accended higher and flew in the direction of the Russians; afterwards she returned and went to the west, where the beams were extinguished.
It was during the war between the Russians, French and Germans.


1892 Poland

Phantom airship scare began in Russian Poland.
The craft often appeared at night and were usually equipped with powerful searchlights.

1896 November 2 Oakland California (1)

When a group of streetcar passengers in Oakland, California, saw a winged, Cigar shaped UFO emitting a stream of brilliant light.


UFOlogists suggest that UFOs during The Airship Wave were spacecraft inaccurately described as emerging tecnology familiar to people of that time.

1897 April 28 Le Roy, Kansas (1)

Craft's huge spotlight.

|Cattle Mutilation|

1899 South Africa

Phatom airships, often equipped with powerful searchlights.

1909 May Britain

Equipped with large searchlight.


1922 Poland

The object shoots a beam of light.


1929 March or April Illinois

A section underneath of the object opened and projected a beam of light.


1930s Scandinavia, Britain and the United States (7)

Numerous reports of unidentified aircraft that were seen flying in dangerous weather conditions (in which ordinary aircraft dared not go aloft) and shining bright searchlights onto the ground. In some cases, engine noises were reported, but in other incidents the mysterious craft flew in total silence. Ghost aircraft.

1943 Qing Xian, Hebet Province, China

A domed UFO emited a white light.


1946 May Malmo, southern Sweden (2)

A lot of holes around edge of disc like those of a turbine, and jet beams darted from the holes which burned the grass when the object departed.


1951 Korea

Craft hit soldier with light beam after fired upon by M-1 rifle.

Some form of ray.

Emitted in pulses, waves.

Could visually see only when aimed directly at.


1952 July 24 Serchio River, Italy (7)

Discoid UFO some 60 feet in diameter hovering for 10 minutes over river. The UFO directed a greenish "ray" at the fisherman, who felt an electric shock as the ray hit him. A mysterious stranger with foreign accent tried to intimidate witness several days later.


1954 La Porte, Indiana

UFOs emitting beams of light toward ground.

1957 Melom, Indiana.

Beams projected down.


1957 October 5 Sao Francisco de Salles (1)

A brilliant beam of light shining down from the sky.


1960 August 13 Red Bluff, California (1)

The object was sweeping the ground and sky with a beam of red light.


1963 Carson City, Nevada

UFO hovering emmitting beam.


posted on Apr, 9 2008 @ 04:52 PM

1963 August Sagrada Familia, Brazil (7)

Large sphere hovering over the treetops. From the sphere descended, on a pair of beams of light, a humanoid some 10 feet tall, wearing a transparent helmet.


1965 March 15 Everglades, FL

James Flynn, the UFO emitted a beam like a welder's torch and Flynn blacked out...


1966 April Sinclairville, NY

Robert Howard, The thing appeared to be beaming a very narrow stream of brilliant light into a nearby woods.


1966 April 14 Burkes Flat, Victoria, Australia

Ron Sullivan bent headlight beam experience, Burkes Flat, Victoria, Australia (striking UFO encounter, physical traces, bent light beams, possible related fatalities).

1966 April 17 easter Ohio-Pennsylvania (7)

Two policemen, Dale Spaur and Wilbur Neff chased a luminous UFO. Spaur also described a beam of light emanating from the underside of the UFO. Spaur described the UFO as approximately 50 feet wide, with a dome or some other superstructure barely visible on top. Airport radar contact with the UFO was reported but later denied. Neff-Spaur incident.


1970 January 7 Imjarvi, Finland

A beam of bright light was emitted from a short tube underneath the object. The appearance of a three-foot tall thin limbed creature from beam/circle of light.


1971 summer Karnes City, Texas

Bright light from center of the bottom.
The object was round and the bright light was coming from the center of the bottom of the UFO. Around the perimeter of the craft was hundreds of penlight size light beams that alternated in all colors of the spectrum.


1973 May 22 Catanduva, Brazil (1)

Blue circle of light, about eight inches in diameter, inside the car. Moved about slowly, passed in front of the dashboard. Could see the engine through the circle of light. Beam of blue light shining on him from the top of the hill he was ascending. A tube streched out of the UFO's base toward ground. Rod of blue light from UFO moving over his car. The light seemed to make the car transparent.


1973 October 3 Southwest Missouri

Eddie Webb, driving in Southwest Missouri, evening Temporary blindness and eyeglass frames melted in a light beam from an object pacing truck.


1974 February Petite-Ile (Reunion) France

M. Severin, 1:30 PM Witness lost partial eyesight and experienced headaches after being struck by ray from object.


1974 March 23 Tavernes, Var, France (3)

An aerial craft projecting beams of light, photographed by an anonymous doctor during a wave of sightings in France.


1975 July 21 Pedrosa del Rey Valladolid, Spain

Farmer Emiliano Velasco Baez encounter with a UFO.
Felt and saw a beam of light that apparently struck him and his tractor drilling a perfectly round hole on the rearview mirror of the tractor.


1975 November Herber, Arizona

Blue beam of light emitted from UFO. Travis Walton.


1976 Stanford, Kentucky

A beam of blue-white light immersed the cars interior.
A farmer who owned the property also verified the sighting and saw a low-flying object shoot down a beam to the ground near the automobile.


1976 April 23 Quixada, Ceara, Brazil (3)

Luis Fernandes Barroso was struck by a beam of light from a hovering aerial object.


1976 September 13 Everett, WA

Unseen object, high over the water, releasing multiple beams of white light in all directions.

1976 December 20 Gresham, OR

Large bright object emits a beam of blue light across and then disappears leaving a smoking trail.


1977 January 02 Logan, UT

Large round light emits a beam to the ground.


1977 Brazilian Island of Colares , 2

The beam was about 7 or 8 centimeters in diameter and white in color.

These objects were often projecting thin rays, seemingly of light, directed

posted on Apr, 9 2008 @ 04:57 PM
UFO Beam Reports Pt. 3:

1977 July 10 Pinheiro, Brazil

V-shaped thing 15 to 20 meters long, with a beam of orange light going down to the ground.


1980 December RAF Bentwaters, UK

Charles HALT, Col. USAF Ret.
He also saw a UFO shooting beams into sensitive weapons storage areas at the base. He wrote an official memorandum for the Ministry of Defence (MOD)...released through the US Freedom of Information Act.

1980 December 26-27 Bentwaters AFB, England (2/P.187)

Object beamed down a stream of light from time to time.


1986 Oregon

He said he remembers taking a picture as the object projected a beam of light.

1989 September (late) Voronezh, Russia (7)

M.N. Polyakov. The object emitted a beam of light that moved across the ground toward the automobile. Polyakov said he felt frightened as the beam approached. When the beam touched the car, Polyakov said something alien and invisible occupied the driver's seat. Polyakov imagined he could reach over and touch the unseen being, but he found himself unable to move his arm. As the ray moved away from the car, the automobile's electrical system resumed functioning, and the driver was able to restart the engine. He was subjected to two strong electrical shocks following the encounter.


1989 December 11 Blegium (2)

Belgian army lieutenant colonel, Andre Amond, while driving with his wife spotted a strangely lighted object moving slowly at low altitude. Amond stopped the car so that he could see the object better. It flashed a beam of light at him and began to approach.


1989 December 12 Belgium (2)

It began to drift toward a meadow, shining searchlight-like beams under it.


1998 March 4 Southgate, Australia

There was a wedge shaped beam of light emanating from the object that would sweep horizontally from the North and South, sometimes quickly and sometimes slowly.

1999 October 11 St. Paul, Minnesota.

UFO emits a beam of light.

The tubular beam of light has some unusual properties in that it does not diffuse light outward in a normal way and may have a slight wave in it.

2002 November 20 Tyrone, PA

Thin beam of very bright blue-white light emitted from bottom of object.
This light was a tight, bright beam fom top to bottom, unlike a searchlight.

2003 August 19 Chandler, AZ

Spotlight beam.



Local residents who had seen various types of craft flying around. Sevral described these UFOs as shining pencil-thin beams of light on the ground.

Orton, Southern Ontario The Erin Advocate local newspaper.


In the majority of cases, abductions are made via a beam of light used for levitation, as a way to get the subject into the ship, whether from the home or by being led outside to walk into a beam. Beams are often white or bluish white. (1)



Carol Rosin, a self-described space defense consultant, went even further: "We can end the energy crisis," she said. "We can build cars that drive around off the road, on beams."

WIRED: Ooo-WEE-ooo Fans Come to D.C. By Declan McCullagh.

|Dr Carol Rosin|


NASA and the U.S. Air Force are slated to launch laser-propelled vehicles, dubbed "Lightcraft", in mid August. The series of tests will take place at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico.

SPACE.COM: Riding Laser Beams to Space By Leonard David.


The word laser is short for "light amplification by stimulated of radiation." A laser emits a narrow beam of intense, highly coherent light. This technology was developed around 1960. (7)


Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI): Various designs for the controversial anti-missle system were propose

posted on Apr, 9 2008 @ 08:06 PM
May be what you have run across as 'blue beam' are references to project blue beam. It is supposedly a secret future government project.

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