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'Fars:' Syria arrests Saudi in Mughniyeh probe

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posted on Apr, 9 2008 @ 10:50 AM

The source said Israel masterminded the assassination, but the operation itself was carried out by locals with Syrian, Jordanian and Palestinian citizenships.

Syria believes that the publication of the report at this juncture will lead to retaliation against "Arab sates which collaborated with Israel to assassinate Mugniyah."
In this case, Israel may find a pretext to wage another war against Syria, Hezbollah or even Iran, the report claims.

I was wondering when this situation was going to surface again. Can't say much else here, but shake my head. And this can fit here too...

In another sign that renewed armed conflict between Israel and Hizballah may be on the horizon, a major Arab satellite network reported Sunday that the Lebanese army had begun pulling the civilian population back from the Israeli border.


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