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The Malevolent Alien Agenda!

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posted on Apr, 8 2008 @ 04:59 PM
Despite what many people have been led to believe about Aliens
being benevolent they are in fact being deceived and are malevolent.


The Malevolent Alien Agenda

It is of my opinion that alien abduction is against the free will of the humans who experience it. Below, I will try to explain why I’ve come to believe this idea to be absolutely a fact dealing with trauma-based experiences. It's very possible that there is a covert, even sinister agenda being carried out by the creature’s committing such acts and further more the possibility exists that such creatures are manipulating, changing our core DNA to make the abductee co-habitable for other entities to utilize.

The positive and negative alien presence is a hot topic debate within the abduction research community; who's right/wrong about alien abduction agenda in general, instead of getting down to the bottom of what's happening. None of us can get to the bottom unless we first come together and openly discuss the issues that are facing the abductee and find ways to help the abductee become lucid to see who the abductors are and what they are doing. Lucidity and removing all the screen memories is the key to help the abductee face what is behind creating the trauma based scenarios.

Out of those who claim abduction, a majority of abductees do not remember what's happened to them. It's only a small percentage (estimating 3 to 4 percent) claim that they have had partial to total recall of their experiences. Out of this group, another majority are experiencing massive trauma in conjunction with their abductions-- anything from being mind controlled with disaster images that are being forced into their minds by artificial means, seeing loved ones tortured if they do not cooperate, seeing what appears to be clones of themselves, forced to hold alien/hybrid children, themselves forced into submitting to painful experimentations, even being given a deadly disease for non cooperation. Many female abductees are reporting, autoimmune disorders like Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as well as a sudden onset of female urinary tract infections and a host of female problems which eventually lead in some cases to hysterectomy.

If the creatures creating this type of misery for their captives were here on a peaceful mission to help humanity, why does this sort of abusive treatment happen with the same style of administration reminiscent of the Nazi German concentration camp doctors? I have come to believe something is more than amiss; something sinister is happening to the abduction populace without regard for the abductee. Why us and why now, someone might ask. What is it we possess that is unique from other species? My thought is survival - theirs verses ours. Here are a few thoughts which might hold some of the answers. Other researchers have suggested some of the ideas below:

Possible Reasons

1. Population control and population culling or hybridization of our species -We pose some type of threat to their survival; the ability to overcome and adapt to infectious disease, we have a superior physical adaptation or strength, hardiness of stock, even a potentially longer lifespan than most species.

2.Genetic interbreeding program - We may be physically compatible with their species and they have an absolute need for survival to the degree that they are interbreeding with our species or experimenting with DNA . Some noted researches have suggested changing DNA to be genetically compatible with theirs so they can co-inhabit our planet. Others have suggested they couldn't survive within our environment without this type of hybridization.

3. They are an alien/demonic origin and are changing the DNA codes in an attempt to destroy our species or soul essence - We may possess the ability to literally live beyond the physical shell of our bodies and become a detriment to their survival because we have a soul essence which could be unique to our species.

4. Some abductees possess the ability to telepathically communicate, transcend dimensional walls and could become a threat to them.

5.Humans are a nothing more than a food supply and livestock food producers- They don't eat us physically, but instead feed off our emotions - Trauma, pain, sadness, sexual arousal. In essence we are nothing more than livestock, milk cows, hens of sorts, They feed from our energy, like we use proteins such as milk, butter, eggs to sustain our energy.

Regardless it's one or a combination of several of the ideas suggested above, many of us find it hard to believe it's because they have our best interest at heart. That's why it's so important to fight for consciousness during abduction.

One researcher who's respected within the abduction community has accumulated over 30 years of research to discover that once we fight for consciousness we ultimately loose the pleasant screen memories and see through the illusion that prevents us from seeing full view of our captors. She discovered that during hypnotic regression of some of her clients, she's found behind the screen memories of benevolent beings, but upon digging further (without leading or suggestions of negative captors) behind those screens - lay the truth of a malevolent race of reptilian creatures who want to destroy our species but cannot for spiritual reasons, beyond our understanding (which could involve bloodlines or specific DNA coding) destroy us.

There is a dark agenda at work whether we wish to face it or not. Whether we believe in benevolence or malevolence. There's no logic in covert and clandestine activity, unless it carries a sinister connotation to it.

Many abductees who are experiencing malevolence are very spiritually enlightened or religiously orientated with a firm foundation in their belief about God and Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mohammed, Tao or what ever the belief system is. If it were simply benevolent visitors, they'd merely pick out our most spiritually enlightened, form every religion including credible world leaders from each country, in each language and start to manifest themselves, discuss their ability to help out humankind recover the ills of the planet. This would be after they made their benevolence known to such scholars. In turn our world leaders would very diplomatically introduce them to us and they’d exhibit what they claim they are and start fixing things. I do not know one person who's been malevolently abducted that isn't open to a benevolent experience if that were the case. A benevolent society doesn't harm its universal brethren -- period. Nor do they communicate via channeling through groups which then manifest into cults or alien worshiping.

As it stands now all the needle marks, bruises, the human psyches of the abductee who anguishes over the experience, those who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder beg to differ. Countless relationships have been destroyed, many lives have been forever changed by the aggressive act malevolence will never add up to benevolence. The proof is in the pudding, until otherwise proven.

Colleen Johnston


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posted on Apr, 8 2008 @ 06:22 PM
Very interesting. However, don't dismiss the possibility of #6, where they (the malevolent aliens) actually DO physically eat you. Your brains. A seasonal delicacy, served during their Thanks Giving holiday. (don't laugh, there's nothings wrong with a little natural universal justice, is there?) These abductions could simply be veterinarian inspections, their version of USDA inspectors checking out random samples.

Seriously, you can't expect each higher evolved species to respect all those species beneath them, can you? And where do each draw the line? Not even do you humans act that way towards lower evolved life forms. You all will eat practically anything you can find that wiggles and bleeds, don't ya'll. Yeah, seriously contemplate adding possibility #6.

All things considered, it is the most logical possibility, conclusion. It's how humans behave. A superior extraterrestrial species doesn't automatically imply they are better 'behaving' than all you scary humans, it may just mean they are more dangerous and better at it than humans are.

posted on Apr, 8 2008 @ 07:21 PM
According to most of the people who believe in EBE's visiting earth, there are MANY races. Not all of them are benevolent.

posted on Apr, 8 2008 @ 07:37 PM
Good point!

I should have included #6,
Actually there are reports we have had from some abductees that have claimed to be taken underground by the grays where they viewed human babies being grown, some have claimed witnessing reptilians draining human blood and consuming human flesh or these human babies.

Most of these abductees have really struggled with hypnotic regression because of the great fear and horrible things that they experienced. Some have claimed they encountered and witnessed military officers turn into reptilians and then were raped by them, something definitely is not right.

We can’t prove extraterrestrials consume human flesh but from the many cases and claims we wouldn’t doubt it’s happening. Out of a few thousand reports many abductees have been known to encounter many types of aliens but it’s very clear that the reptilians are the most malevolent of all them all.

Some of the stories are too gruesome to even post here they would be offensive for some. There were multiple cases found where abductees under hypnotic regression witnessed reptilians tearing apart other humans, mothers and children. We must definitely put all things out on the table as possibilities. Our greatest fear would be that they are among us in greater numbers than expected and we are not even aware of it along with the possibility of they are slowly taking over planet earth deceiving all governments, using us for their food source and will soon control the world.

Let's hope this is not the case!
God Bless,

posted on Apr, 8 2008 @ 08:00 PM

Originally posted by Divinorumus
Seriously, you can't expect each higher evolved species to respect all those species beneath them, can you? And where do each draw the line? Not even do you humans act that way towards lower evolved life forms. You all will eat practically anything you can find that wiggles and bleeds, don't ya'll. Yeah, seriously contemplate adding possibility #6.

All things considered, it is the most logical possibility, conclusion. It's how humans behave. A superior extraterrestrial species doesn't automatically imply they are better 'behaving' than all you scary humans, it may just mean they are more dangerous and better at it than humans are.

You're not completely wrong, but that's not a fair comparison. Hunters, criminals, and other such people aren't the entire human race. IMO, most (but probably not all) sufficiently advanced alien races would be logical enough to know that war, genocide, and murder are bad ideas. It all depends on their culture and psychology. Some may take a pure survival of the fittest approach to the universe, but other alien races may be pacifists. I'd say there are both malevolent and benevolent aliens out there. Even then, not everything is black and white in the universe. Some aliens may be benevolent in some ways, yet malevolent in other ways.

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posted on Apr, 8 2008 @ 08:36 PM
Or it could be the devils work "Aliens" demons coming to interbreed with us and produce Hybrids that are slowly perfecting our genes producing off spring. Then they release them slowly into society making it to some of the top branch's of our government possibly the illuminati/skull and bones are the Hybrids. Now suppose the devil wants to deceive the general poplace into believing that aliens are bad, all he has to do is tell his top hybrids in command what to do. We are already moving into a new age this battle is happening now. The federal reserve bank is slowly becoming a one world bank and soon with the codex alimentarious our food will be much power can you have when you control everything.....well as much power as you want: Tell you what take a look at these Executive orders by bush are ready to be carried out at the stroke of a pen:

Executive Order #10995: Authorizes seizure of all communication equipment in the United States.

Executive Order #10997: Authorizes seizure of all electric power companies, fuels, fuel sources, and minerals (public and private)

Executive Order #10998: Authorizes seizure of all food supplies, food resources, all farms and all farm lands (public and private).

Executive Order #10999: Authorizes seizure of all means of transportation- including personal cars, trucks, or any type of vehicle; Total control over all highways, roads, seaports, and sea ways.

Executive Order #11000: Authorizes forced conscription of all Americans for work duties under supervision of Federal agents. This section also authorizes the splitting up of family units if deemed necessary by the government agencies in charge.

Executive Order #11001: Authorizes seizure of all health, education, and welfare facilities and their administrations (public and private).

Executive Order #11002: Empowers the Post Master General to register all men, women, and children in the United States for government purposes.

Executive Order #11003: Authorizes seizure of all airports and all aircraft, public, commercial, and private.

Executive Order #11004: Authorizes seizure of all housing and finance authorities and permits government agents to establish forced relocation sites. The government can declare any area of its choosing as "unsafe" and force the entire area to be abandoned of all persons. Authorizes establishment of new "relocation" communities; building new housing with public funds.

Executive Order #11005: Authorizes seizure of all railroads, inland waterways, and storage facilities, both public and private.

Executive Order #13010 (New): This Executive order is entitled Critical Infrastructure Protection. It established a commission made up of members from Federal government departments and agencies, which will be granted dictatorial powers when an emergency is declared.

hmmm all these orders authorize one person to do whatever they want.....while these hybrids or (Illuminati) are part of the devils plan to take over the world and when the second coming of christ comes use his powers to take him down. Assuming that christ is going to come in Large UFO's to get his followers many people will be deceived into believing this is an alien invasion and the world will attack. Forcing a religious war to be fought. The general poplace will be taken away sometime in 2012 while the battle is fought with the reamaining 500 million Hybrids (Illuminati) Dont worry all these dirty politicians mostly hybrids will soon be judged in the ultimate battle.

posted on Apr, 8 2008 @ 09:03 PM
I would like to add that possibly hundreds of human mutilations and thousands of abductions go unreported each year.

I believe that the governments have chosen not to disclose the existence of extraterrestrials because of this very reason that they have no control over the situation.

Of course if they were to publicly dislcose the existence of extraterrestrials they would have to announce some of them being malevolent and explain all of the horrible things taking place, that would of course cause great fear and panic worldwide.

Warning graphic.
Human mutilation example!

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posted on Apr, 10 2008 @ 08:33 PM
I can tell you about some beings that are dark grey in skin color and have black outfits on that interrogated me. A Universal Translator Voice Analysis Box (Black Squared Cube) that picks up our language and translates it into their language. There were two beings in my room a long time ago, one was very beligerent that wanted to know how I knew about them. I wouldn't speak into their Black Box, so they got one of their human interpreters that has been working with them along time to talk to me. They are invisible while in physical body mode, but optically visible when your reach a certain brainwave level. They alternate the current of electricity in the brain.

They look like a cobras head but rounded off and you can't really distinguish the neck from the head, when they move their heads, it sounds exactly like a rattlers tail moving or a spring. They talk in a tonal voice/gutteral, they can open their mouths wide. I had one scream at me because I wasn't telling him what he wanted to know. He made my hair go up from his breath yelling in my face. The interpreter was a human that has been along for the ride. This is just a small visual of breaking down the mental wall I remember about them . They look like the ones off this but their heads are round and bowed like a cobras.

An invisible type halo device placed on my head, like a headset.
I think they were holographically projecting or altering the brain wave current in my head visually so I could optically see and communicate with them in a physical like setting or so that I could pick them up with my own eyes. Not from our dimensional plane. They are outside of it.

That's all I remember of that.
It all seems like a dream to me so who knows.

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posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 12:33 AM
When I hear of reptilian aliens and abductions, I think maybe they are so enamored with our aura or they can see our spirits and wonder what makes us tick compared to them because if they are animalistic maybe they don't have a soul or spirit. maybe that is why they experiment on us. I believe fear is their greatest weapon against us, if we demand they leave us now, they have to obey. They fear us greater.Spiritually we were given duality to find God and they are technologically advanced and must wonder how we live with the God given soul and murder each other and destroy our world with indifference. I believe they fear we will destroy ourselves and in doing so we shall harm them. Maybe this is why we are seeing greater numbers of ufo's now. Maybe there is good and bad aliens, but I pray there is a check system to guarantee our guardians will forever protect us. It is our free will to interact with them, but I do question how does free will come into play if you are paralized with fear from the sight of them.

posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 02:21 AM

Originally posted by Malevolent_Aliens
It's only a small percentage (estimating 3 to 4 percent) claim that they have had partial to total recall of their experiences. Out of this group, another majority are experiencing massive trauma in conjunction with their abductions-- anything from being mind controlled with disaster images ...

I could agree this small percentage of total recall (without the aid of hypnotic regression) is a realistic estimate. However, all this other stuff regarding what went on during the intrusion of the abductee, seems it's only ever been recalled with the aid of hypnosis. The problem with this is that it allows for this information coming through to be inaccurate. The abductee may be influenced by the hypnotherapist (making suggestions) or have pre-conceived ideas already formulated from researching the subject. There's also the possiblity the therapist could erase important details.

What's interesting, is that upon contacting some of these Ufologists with a report of a sighting or intrusion, and even going so far as to make it blantantly clear you're not even trying to report alien contact, they seem to have already decided you have been abducted, and should begin seeking the answers right away or suffer the rest of your life wondering. They tell you the only way to get at the truth is to get hypnosis, and one shouldn't go to someone who isn't familiar with the phenomenon. They suggest you use one from their network, of which there are many nationwide "in your area". They appear to work as a team, exchanging information they gather, and the entire effort at getting at the truth has the potential to become tainted.

They may be sincere in their efforts to help victims, but it's also possible they too have been mis-guided. An honest hypnotherapist will freely admit this is indeed possible, considering the very nature of the subject.

If it is true that people are being abducted by aliens, then I tend to believe they are malevolent. There is definitely something going on, and I suspect there is a deception, although it's hard to tell who or what is the cause of this, and what is the desired outcome or motives.

posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 08:08 AM
For a reality check on how insignificant we are in the scheme of things as far as the grey aliens and the reptilians are concerned watch all of Alex Colliers videos on Youtube. He puts it all into perspective nicely.

Basically, the reptilians have been here a long long time. The Greys, not so long. As he says, we have the greys over us and the reptilians under us. Both manipulating mankind in the worst sense and holding us back from our natural state of 4th dimension. It is up to each individual on this whole earth to elevate their own status and vibration to be one of love and light. This is the only way to have some control and release some of the manipulations.

When we become our TRUE selves, when we are ONE with the LIGHT and acheive UNITY , we step beyond the manipulations of the 3rd dimension.

The greys and the reptilians are also multidimensional but at least you will meet them on a level playing field which will lesson, if not stop their manipulations.

As a matter of interest, I am a lifelong abductee with some recall and have never been hypnotized.

I feel this thread looks at a very important aspect of what is going on. It redresses the balance of the kindly space brothers camp. Not all aliens are bad but these 2 groups I mention do not have humankinds best interest at heart generally, with one or two exceptions. People need to wake up and know what their options are. Forewarned is forearmed.

posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 08:13 AM
When we as humans step into our TRUE power, we are far more powerful than anyone can imagine.

If we cheat, lie, steal, betray others, we MUST know that we do this to ourselves. What we do to one of us, we do to all of us.

Giving kindness, compassion and love to one, gives to ALL. When you know these things the path is clear.

As Alex Collier said, how can we spend $3billion on research of the sex lives of the Tsetse fly, while children remain hungry?
No other race of entity would ever do this. THEY all look after their own. WE must start looking after OUR OWN.

We need to forgive those aliens who do us wrong to heal ourselves and set us free then start caring and loving everyone.

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posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 01:36 PM
reply to post by Malevolent_Aliens

The way I see it there are three main forces at work here on earth and in our solar system. A nice link that explains this is:

Three Alien Networks at work on Earth:
1. Anti-Grey Nordic (Federation) factions,

2. Anti-Nordic Grey factions, and the

3. Nordic-Grey Collaborators (which involve the intelligence agencies and occult lodges, in essense the NWO.

The Greys want to take over the planet and impose a slave society to ultimately serve their empire,but they need theIlluminati's international economic connections to do so;and the Illuminati wants the same thing but they realize that they need the alien mind-control and abduction technology to accomplish their goals.

It's a love-hate relationship. They collaborate in order to set up a planetary government, however both the humanoids and the reptiloids are constantly plotting for the time when the world government arrives so that once it is established they can move in and take full control and expel the necessary collaboraters--the humans doing away with the Greys or the Greys doing away with the humans.

For instance, while the Illuminati negotiates with the Greys for technology they are at the same time developing such weapons as the SDI to potentially use against them. On the other hand while the Greys are negotiating with the humans they are implanting micro-chips in those whom they negotiate with to ensure that they remain under ALIEN control once earth succumbs to the New World Order.

And yet both of these, the humans and Greys both being controlled by the Luciferian "poltergeists" who are of a quasi-physical etheric or energy beings who have been seen overseeing and directing the actions of the human and alien collaborators.

The backroom agreed upon plan is that the Nazi/Bavarian/Illuminati have agreed to sell out 75% of earth to the aliens in exchange for control of 25% for themselves and mind control abduction technology.

Most sources seem to confirm this theory.

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