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Supression of ego: Who's with me???

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posted on Apr, 8 2008 @ 07:45 AM
The BIGGEST problem right now boils down to our ego's but who's to blame?

The government's and global Illuminati's ego of acting like they're on our side, yet merely controlling us like puppets.

The media's ego is seemingly is tied into the government with the sensationalism of negative programming. Look at your local 6 o'clock news. Is the world really that bad? Is there any good news that's going on in your community that's getting reported? How do you feel after watching the news?

Corporate America and global Illuminati continue to suppress it's workers. We're currently facing a recession, yet the big bosses of corporate America and global Illuminati are still making the big $$$. I bet they sleep easily at night knowing they could do more for their employees by giving more from the top to the people at the bottom who are actually supporting their bosses high salaries.

On an individual basis, it all seems like a futile effort. People get to the point of saying, "What difference can I make? I'm just one preson." Our individual egos have taken over in how we view 2012. Many people are reflecting their own insecurities and suppressed negativity by viewing 2012 as a day to fear. Is anyone surprised? They're merely reflecting their government's control over them.

Hence, the puppets are us and the marionettes of the government and global Illuminati are pulling our strings.

They're just not pulling my string! Who's with me??

posted on Apr, 8 2008 @ 08:10 AM
Everything you supress will eventually bite you in the butt be it something massive as a people or something (relatively) small as an ego. The only thing that needs to be done is realising your ego is usefull but not as governing part of your total being. So, i agree with your idea but i'd rather call it re-educating of the ego instead of supressing of it.

And yeah, when you got it in balance/under control you are able to see behind the first few layers of reality and that is a good start

posted on Apr, 8 2008 @ 11:06 AM
Back in the 1960's I bought 60 chickens and sold eggs for 55 cents a dozen. By the time I figured in feed and the cost of the chickens, I made $5 a month. 55 cents a dozen in the 1960's earned me $5 a month. There's no money in eggs. Whatever you may be paying, it's a good value.

By the way, a dozen of large eggs can contain medium eggs. It's figured by the total weight of the dozen, not by the weight of each egg. Same with medium eggs containing some small eggs.

posted on Apr, 8 2008 @ 11:15 AM
The Ego is here for a reason. It's not ALL bad.

I think until one perceives his own ego, it seems that there's nothing else except ME ME ME ME.

My mom is an ECE (Early Childhood Educator) and told me that kids start the 'Mine' phase very early. That is the ego.

Once the Ego is perceived and understood, then another part is discovered, which is the opposite(?) of the ego, the universal part of us, the Self.

So, we have the Self, and the Ego. Instead of choosing one over another, use them both together.

Next time someone cuts you off in traffic, and you get angry immediately, try and remember that is the ego reacting out of habit. You don't have to pretend you're not angry, just let it go, but understand it is the ego causing you to get angry, not the other driver.

Soon you'll see these automatic reactions more and more and eventually you won't be influenced by the ego so much.

My current theory is that you need to use both the Self and the Ego together, such as this:

One wants to be rich. One somehow receives a million dollars and is rich. One then (if the ego is perceived) feels shame, as no work or effort was done for this task, it just happened.

One then may say 'I don't want anything for myself anymore'. I don't want to feel shameful. One then only does things to please others but not himself (suppressing his own ego, and just working with the Self). He is able to use the law of attraction of whatever you want to refer to it as and receives everything he asks for, BUT only to serve others.

Perhaps if one can ask for something for the purpose of others, AND gets enjoyment for himself as well, one can co-exist with both Ego and the Self.

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