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Never spoken things are these

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posted on Apr, 7 2008 @ 01:43 PM
If you say: "I'm a fool!" Then, afterward someone asks you, "Did you say you're a floor?"--or--Did you say "I'm a fool"? Technically, you didnt say "You're a fool" first an foremost. Secondly technically, neither did you say "I'm a fool".

Without reading on, do you know why such is the case?

It's simply because you said "I'm a fool!" Say and said have there truth in detail. Say is in the light, said is in the dark. No one can ask you did you say something while you're saying it, so therefore they are left unable to resist or gainsay in their questioning put to you. Even if they recorded it and then ask you did you say etc which has been recorded, they cant gainsay to point you out as some liar when you answer them with a "No!". "No" would be the technical truth. Their way of getting others to hear to understand is dull.

So when someone questions you with poor questions (prolly on purpose) to try to entangle you right then and there in your previous words said or wrote, just answer the questions technically truthfully so those dull of understanding that wickedly want to entrap you wont get an upperhand. Notice "wicked" has an "ed"? These are all them that ever try you to catch you strickly on an errorful answering on your part. They want to take that error that can be made by you in answering tricky questions, as a truth in hopes that there are witnessing fools who would even mistakenly buy it.

The Ancient of days robe was white as snow in Daniel. That's because all the insight in Daniel's book is as left black as dark. The Ancient of days is only bright as light "while" saying/writting something, not afterward as had said/wrote something. Meaning, Daniel surely didn't speak any of that spoke in the book. Daniel spoke it which means Daniel left it. Everything as you continue to speak it becomes spoken.

See you only did say it in confirmation answer form just then to the wicked question. Tell the wicked to avoid asking wicked questions if they want to capture you. They wont because they wouldnt get far. So tell em to bring on wicked question cause you wanna run through their wicked garden like Stone Temple Pilots.

[edit on 7-4-2008 by Mabus]

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