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posted on Apr, 7 2008 @ 11:14 AM
Alright well.
This morning I woke up after a umm.... Nice dream, lol. I was outside on my front lawn, it was night time and I heard this plane coming overhead and then it stopped making the usual plane sound and was a just a bass droning sound getting louder. It was a bit brighter and lots of wind or something like a personal anti-grav type. I ran up to my front door and just waited for a second it was like everything sort of floating up so I ran inside, closed the door and ran downstairs , I told everyone about this and no one believed me as they never do when I see a ufo. I finally went back up, looked outside and it was like nothing had happened. End of dream.

Dream #2
I was outside in my street, nice sunny day and for some reason about 5 cars made a road block at the end of my street. I walked a bit farther out and they were all fighting, so I looked up and saw this plane just flying, and got this strange feeling as something was wrong, just as that happened it started to go down. No reason for it too, but it revolved around the nose of the plane spinning and falling. End of Dream.

Ok so those have been my 2 strange ufo and sort of end of world dreams.


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