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Illuminations clue the essence of a public

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posted on Apr, 7 2008 @ 10:21 AM
Are we actually the Illuminati covered up by defrauders?

Hear me out: If secret societies have become somehow publically known, then that means they werent secret to begin with. This means they become known by way of a defrauding that's designed to cover up a public truth.

The representatives of the somehow newly stated public societies you put trust in have ppl had. Though that being had becomes over with like clouds that pass away that make way for the light to shine through.

What it is is certain ppl living in fear of certain public things so they set out to make public what they will only stand in a different way as dark. The truth is, it's certain light they hate which they read in some parnormal way that they put out publically in a perverted way.

The truth was here before lies, then covered up, but then it shall resurface and revive just in time.

The truth is judgment and judgment is truth. Therefore judgment is a light's illumination and a light's shine toward all directions. The rightful public ppl lacking anything hidden are the Illuminati. Even when you (I) get understandings far from being read by the paranormal you (I) still make those understandings known. What does this tell you? It tells you who in all the true Illuminati are. A public ppl instead of some 'trying for being secret' ppl. It's any who make known all which make up this ppl originally defined and found as Illuminati.

So cheers by being those who make any and every thing known directly/indirectly in one way or another publically. Illuminati is the knowledge speedway. The internet is the information highway, but what is anything of a high in way lacking of a speed in way?

It's time for total revival of the Light ppl (Illuminati). Right now the true Illuminati is covered up in bad blood. Though there are still a few cracks where the light illuminates/shines through. No one having life can stay killed as if for ever. Am alive is a clue. So look deep at the entire cover of the Makaveli DK7 in and out and all around. Notice the dark/light theme? Well that is implying we are almost back as a light (the Illuminati). Notice the K is dropped when you unscramble Makaveli? Well that even hints at the revival aspect I'm talking about to why you should see to drop the k from killuminati. Some will say well why didnt Makaveli just flat out tell us what you're saying... That's because of the era of Makaveli's life was here to bring you near to where you'd have to do the reconfiguring to surface the Light that's been mainly buried. This near era of dark/light (black and white) is almost over as I at least can tell.

Those dividing and covering the Light ppl up as though at all costs are the Dark ppl. The Dark will scatter and experience condemnation and damnation when the Light fully returns throughout the living words of the world of mankind. This is all covered even within the very Gospel.

If you consider yourself a secret person instead of a public person, then that's because you've been conditioned that way by the Dark ppl. They want you to feel troubled and wrong about self-declaring of being a light in this world. They'd rather see you live a troubled life if you've been paying attention to their forced craft planted here and there in the world.


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