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Rael: Messenger of Elohim

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posted on Apr, 7 2008 @ 08:22 AM
A Question for Rael: Founder of the Raelian Movement and Messenger of Elohim.

What makes a Raelian any different from people who believe in GOD?

Rael: First, let’s determine, what is the meaning of God? The Random House Webster’s College Dictionary defines the word God as “The creator and ruler of the Universe; Supreme Being. As a Raelian we neither believe in a Supreme Being, nor one who is responsible for creating the Universe and then rules over it. We are therefore atheists. This then brings us to the question of the infinite universe. Since there is no beginning or end to the infinite, to place a God or Supreme Being in the forefront of everything before there was anything is impossible because you cannot create something from nothing. We do however, understand that there are people like us, called the Elohim, who have over 25 ,000 years of technological advance on us and are responsible for coming to this planet thousands of years ago and creating all life as we know it. The Elohim explained to Rael in 1973 that they to were created by a race of people who were also created by a race of people and the cycle never ends as we are a continuum in a never ending chain. No beginning to the universe in space nor in time. As they are our creators we have a great admiration for them but we do not worship them as a Supreme figure. We love them and are preparing for their arrival sometime before the year 2035.
We have come to understand that through science they were able to manipulate DNA and from the inert matter of this planet created all life. We are now beginning to do the same in our own laboratories. When we succeed to create life and implant that life on another will we become a God to a primitive world?

Me: What is everyone's view on all of this?

posted on Apr, 7 2008 @ 09:27 AM

Originally posted by xnibirux
Since there is no beginning or end to the infinite, to place a God or Supreme Being in the forefront of everything before there was anything is impossible because you cannot create something from nothing.

That's right....I nor you can create something from nothing. But ascribing human shortcomings to an omniscient God is pointlessly anthropomorphic. Our concept of nothing, may very well be a great deal of something to an unknowable God.

It's easy to dismiss the idea of a "God" when human frailties are attributed to such a concept. Properly placed within a frame of mind....God needs no something to exist. I don't suppose it's much different than if a child grew up convinced nothing in this world existed until its birth.....clearly, the experience prior to birth is as close to nothing as one can get.....hence, no other being could have possibly existed. We know that's a faulty analogy because a great deal existed prior to our birth.

posted on Apr, 7 2008 @ 09:51 AM
reply to post by xnibirux

As an agnostic, I think it’s another money making/power trip for someone.
I never trust religions, following or cults. They exist for one thing and that is power. Either power over the masses or power via money.

God knows who I am, where I am and what I do. He has never expressed any upset with me, on a similar note no happiness either (although I do continue to exist and have amazing children). I’m happy to be here and I think he’s OK with this.

As far as aliens go, we're an intelligent species; we've had no involvement at any time in our creation from aliens.

I expressed in an earlier post, bananas share approx 50% of their DNA with humans, are we then to believe that bananas are also alien hybrids?

As for becoming a God, I think I’d hate that. Fine, you have the masses thanking you for creation, but you also get blamed for awful crap too, sometimes when you weren’t even there (philosophically speaking)

[edit on 7-4-2008 by Mark Roazhar]

posted on Apr, 7 2008 @ 09:59 AM
Plus de crap! That's what I think of the so-called Rael. It is all about power and control (as well as a juvenile inability to get over being angry at the Catholic Church.) Amen.

posted on Nov, 23 2008 @ 01:47 PM
the Raelian movement should be looked at hypothetically and sometimes I get the feeling its often alluding to as a hoax by Raelian members.

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