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Why the Truth is so Important

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posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 10:48 PM
The idea is really very simple.

Are we children which need to be protected from bad ideas, or are we adults which can handle the responsibility of the real world and have a duty to deal with it, whatever it may be?

If the truth is unknown to us, then we labor under false pretenses. The effects we expect to see from our efforts will not manifest, or have the predicted efficacy.

To believe a lie and work under its cloud is to waste effort.

On the other hand, to know the truth and modify our behavior according to it, is to set ourselves down a path whereby the products of our design have a greater likelihood of being realized.

To know the truth and use it is to spend our efforts wisely.

This is why it is so important that we really know what is happening in the world around us. For if lies are the basis of reality, then why don't we all just start taking drugs and let go of the world altogether...

When the government lies to us, or withholds information, it steals from us the effectiveness of our decision making and our labor. In essence, it is administering a drug to our mind without our consent. Do you feel there is ever any rational justification for this?

I will not be a child, told pretty stories so that I "feel" better. Those who refuse to examine what they are told with keen scrutiny are in effect saying "I want to remain an irresponsible child, so don't tell me anything I wouldn't want to hear."

posted on Apr, 6 2008 @ 02:23 AM
It's simple. People want to know information denied to other people. Curiosity is a part, a very important part, of human nature. And when one knows the government withholds information, one gets curious.

The quest for knowledge is a part of humanity. Why do scientists study archeology? Surely it has no practical application. The answer is curiosity.

People, in this case entire organizations, research BECAUSE THEY WANT TO KNOW!!!

Same goes with the age of the universe. NO application for that knowledge, so why research it? BECAUSE IT IS HUMAN NATURE!

Humanity as a species is born curious, and we embrace the curiosity.

As for conspiracies...

Don't you feel good knowing what your neighbor does not?

Don't you LIKE knowing about government abuse, government secrets/coverups, government tactics at ridiculing those who speak out?

Don't you like to see THROUGH the veil of manipulation?

THROUGH Brotherhood manipulation/control?

Unfortunately, the Education System stifled the inborn curiousity through a flood of useless, unrelated facts. Stifles our desire to look beyong "official" sources, our desire to question authority.

The System teaches kids to mind their own business, something that CONTRADICTS human nature!

They teach us to REJECT alternative, even if they're true!

They teach us that "the truth" is nothing but system-fed lies, propaganda, and media!

So, don't you think it's IMPORTANT for you to see and think ABOVE the control-grid?

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