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Victoria counts costs after storm deaths and destruction, what's your story?

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posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 02:41 AM
On Wednesday the 2nd of April, the remains of tropical cyclone Isobel tore through Victoria, Australia. [News report]

Two people are dead and 20,000 homes remain without power as a result of these storms. I would like to hear the stories of all the Australian members here, what damage did these storms inflict on your household?

Many Americans who experience cyclones all the time will bw wondering why this is a big deal, but we live in Victoria, we do not get this kind of weather often and are not prepared for our sheds to be blown down.

There were dust storms in Mildura and Melbourne and flying poles in Coburg.(See news report for that one)

Post pictures of damage near you here for all to see. This is the damage the storm caused us, this fence is not even one month old and look what happened to it [not a dodgy builder

My uncle built that and he's afraid that people will think he's a bad builder

Here are a few pictures from the news.

show me your pictures!


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