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Scientology in Movies

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posted on Apr, 4 2008 @ 11:43 PM
A.I. was about a robotic child, who was created to mimic basic human emotions, who's adopted family deserted him, and threw the ability of 'basic emotions' became insane(angry), and wished all humans to dissapear. Eventually they did, and he lived happily ever after.. Even got to hang with his mother again... Though she died only momments later.. Again... Bleh.
What a twisted and unmoral movie..
This movie was created by Steven Spielberg..

Mr Steven Spielberg's wife is a current Scientologist, and it is my belief that Mr.Spielberg is infact also a Scientologist, or just extreamly related to that organization.

Steven Spielberg was also famous for createing such movies as War of the Worlds which portrays "a pearl harbor style attack" where ALIENS come too earth and start killing people for no reason..
Also twisted and So very relating story too Scientology. (Aliens?)

And Lastly Minority Report.
A movie that is anti-U.S. and portrays a Badguy which very much reminds people of the ex-president George Herbert Bush. (because hes old, and loved by many.) Where apparently psyhic ability is considered a bad thing, atleast according to Scientologys Tom Cruise, within the story.
How would the ability of Psychic cops be a bad thing?? FU Scientology!

Both of which stared Mr. Tom Cruise as the main character, and as we know Mr Scientoloy, is in fact a figure within the CoS (Church of Scientology.)

It is my belief that The movie A.I., Minority Report, and War of the worlds, shows; just the malicious nature of Mr Steven Spielberg and of that (supposed) Church.

[Listen:] Please from now on when redirecting to a site offering information on a movie; Link to Wiki or something.. IMDB's Short summarys do not give enough information.. Thank you!

[Update:] The movie War of the Worlds(2005) movie poster, contains the Image of a Hand Grasping the Planet in a Controlling and Demening fashion was infact the same image that came from the Book "The Invaders Plan" writen by L. Ron Hubard himself.
Proving the fact that the Aliens from the film "War of the Worlds" was in fact the same aliens that mr. L Ron believed in So... I hope we won... Prolly not... DAMN YOU SCIENTOLOGY!!!!!!!

posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 05:15 PM
reply to post by ITSAMESATAN

You are onto something- I know this for a fact. This is all I will say.

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