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Unspoken Sins

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posted on Apr, 4 2008 @ 03:09 AM
The Blue Ridge Mountains seem to be the projections that hold many unspoken secrets and sins within their grasp, . The 1950's era was nearly uncivilized in comparison with today's advances in technology, aeronautics and exposing secrecy of incest, rape and domestic violence.

Tara immediately opened her eyes, feeling refreshed. Just as her hyno-therapist told her that she would. Tara was curious to know how the session had progressed. She tried to feign an air of patience, as she breathed in the aromatic scent of lavender.

Dr. Timmons believed that the scent of lavender had a calming effect on her clients. Tara was in unspoken agreement with this belief. While waiting for the kindly therapist to run back the session tapes, Tara took in the surroundings of the comfortable office. Thoughtfully, she surmised that she always felt at ease in this cozy one-room office, with it's earth tone colors and plush furniture. Tara also loved the Norman Rockwell paintings even if the colors did somewhat clash with the rest of the decor.

Tara's memories travelled back to the events that brought her to see Dr. Timmons. Tara didn't thoroughly understand it all herself. But the kindly therapist assured her, that in time, she would better understand.

After a somewhat tumultuous life of hardship, poverty and abuse, Tara had finally met the man of her dreams. Rick was everything that she had ever dared hope for. Their chance encounter and whirlwind relationship was the material that romance novels were made of.

Tara couldn't help smiling when she remembered her first meeting with Rick. Things did not get off to a very smooth start. The encounter was a blind date, arranged by Tara's older sister, Ariel.

Ariel was like a proverbial mother hen when it came to Tara. Rick was a friend of Ariel's brother-in-law, Randy. Rick and Randy were stationed at a Naval base in Norfolk, Virginia. They would drive home on the weekends, in preference to staying aboard ship. Ariel set plans in motion at once, to pair Rick and Tara as a couple.

Immediately, Ariel broke out the family photo album with a definite purpose in mind. "Rick," she says, "I want to show you a picture of my sister."

Dutifully, Rick wanders over to take a peek. His eyes widens at the photograph. He takes more than a few seconds to study the lovely young girl in the album. He views that she has long dark hair, parted in the middle, and holds no curl nor wave. Her eyes are hazel. He wonders if there might be some native american ancestry, due to the high cheekbones. Rick is unaware that he has been holding his breath until he lets go with an excited declaration, "That is the girl that I am going to marry!"

Ariel giggles as she informs him, "Well then, it's a good thing that she is single."
Rick takes the album from Ariel so that he may study the photo more intensely. If Ariel hadn't told him that this was her sister, he wouldn't have guessed. Both girls were very lovely, But Tara seemed tall, Ariel was petite. Both were slender, even though Ariel was expecting her first child. Ariel seemed to be more fair-complected.

Knowing that she had Rick's approval, Ariel knew that the most difficult task would be to get Tara to agree to meet Rick. Tara had undergone several unhappy relationships and a very bad marriage. Tara and Ariel both had chosen poorly in their first marital unions. Their purpose seemed to be more inclined on getting out of a bad home environment, than on actual love and commitment. The pay-off wasn't what either of them expected. Both had married violently abusive men.

But Ariel was happily married for the moment, and she wanted the same for Tara.
She just had to convince Tara to try again. Ariel was growing concerned with Tara's increasing tendencies to withdraw from all forms of social activities. Tara had completely thrown herself into her work. She accepted all the overtime that she could get. Whenever Ariel professed concern for her health, Tara soothed her by telling her that it was only temporary until she paid off the short-term loan on the small urban home that she purchased two years earlier.

Yes, Ariel had to agree, Tara did seem to really be happy with the purchase of her home. Tara spent all her free time manicuring the lush lawn, painting the exterior of the small wooden-framed house and furnishing the interior. Tara was certainly an individual who enjoyed her independence. But Ariel firmly believed that Tara needed a good man such as Rick, to complete the picture.

Ariel notices that it is nearly time for Tara's shift to end. Tara worked as an industrial security officer in a nearby power plant. Ariel breathes a silent prayer as she dials the number to the guard shack. Ariel hears Tara's greeting, "GP&L Security, May I help you?"

Ariel commences with her prepared speech, "Tara, I was hoping that you could come over to see me when you get off work. I have missed you terribly."

Tara hates to deny Ariel anything and has a feeling that Ariel is administering emotional black-mail. "Ariel," Tara attempts what will hopefully be an acceptable refusal and explanation thereof. "I have worked back-to-back twelve hour shifts all of this week and I have to be back again tomorrow for another twelve hour stretch. Please understand." But Ariel is not one that is easily deterred. "But Tara, there is someone that I want you to meet. He is so nice. He's in the Navy, nice-looking and he drives a Jeep!" Tara laughs at the last part. She wonders what the Jeep could possibly have to do with it. The laughter gives Ariel encouragement that she is making positive progress. "Pleeeease!" she wheedles, "Hubby and I will come pick you up in Rick's Jeep and you won't even have to drive. We will drive you back to work tomorrow." Now Tara realizes how the Jeep fits in. Ariel's husband, Jimmy was probably salivating at the prospect of driving that Jeep. Tara gives in, she cannot refuse Ariel. This Rick-person would be a different matter.

Tara had to admit that it was an enjoyable twenty-mile ride to Ariel's home. Tara had never ridden in a Jeep before. Ariel's husband, Jimmy had removed the canvas top, so that they could fully enjoy the late autumn evening. The mountainous scenery seemed to whisk by as Jimmy fiddled with the radio dial. Tara would have preferred the nature sounds of frogs croaking and crickets chirping. The blanket of stars in the heavens twinkled in celestial agreement, that this was to be the start of Tara's new life.

posted on Apr, 4 2008 @ 03:10 AM
The ride ended far too soon to suit the occupants of the CJ-5 Jeep. The evening air had been exhilirating. Inspite of a week-long session of twelve hour shifts, Tara was happy to be spending time with Ariel. Although the two sisters emerged from a large family, Tara and Ariel were the closest. They had always clung to each other. Never being very far apart in miles or heart. They shared their secrets, their pain, their joys, but there was one topic that they could not share just yet; not even with each other.

Tara was surprised to see candles flickering inside her sister's home, when they arrived. Soft music wafted from the stereo. Her body stiffened as the thought, 'set-up,' ran through her mind. Did this Rick-person think that she was some sort of easy mark, that he was going to have his way with on a first encounter? Sailor, huh? Girl in every port? Tara had made up her mind very quickly to dash cold water on his intentions. It was all that she could do to hold back the tirade of anger as Ariel moved through the introductions.

Tara quickly assessed Rick's personal appearance. Nice-looking, Ariel had said. Not in Tara's opinion. Perhaps if you admired the military haircut and the coke bottle glasses. The pot-belly wasn't lost on her either. Tara had never thought herself to be shallow-minded, but her opinion of, 'nice-looking.' was 'tall, dark and handsome. Rick did not fit this profile. Tall, yes. He appeared to be approximately six-foot-two. Tara did appreciate tall men because she was five foot eight inches in stature. She did not enjoy towering over her dates, so height was important to her. Tara continued her perusal of Rick. His skin was fair, almost a pasty white. His hair was the drabbest brown she had ever seen. Unimpressive blue eyes behind those hideous glasses. 'Yuk! What was Ariel thinking!?' she wondered.

Rick extended a glass of amber-colored liquid to Tara as they were introduced. "Bourbon and coke?" he offered. "I don't drink!" Tara shot at him angrily. With that, she tossed her long dark hair defiantly over her shoulder and departed for the guest bedroom, leaving behind a very puzzled Rick.

Tara was so consumed with anger that it took hours for her to fall asleep. How dare Ariel? How dare this Rick-person? She needed her rest far more than she needed this fiasco of a set-up. It wasn't like Tara to be so blatantly rude to anyone. Tears slid down her cheeks as she wondered how she could ever apologize to Ariel for her behavior. She regretted having embarrassed Ariel and Jimmy in front of their new friend. Unbearable weariness had to be the answer for her open display of hostility. But maybe now Ariel would stop this match-making plan. Tara only had two interests in life at the moment. One was the improvements that she was making to her home. The other was her job at the power plant.

posted on Apr, 4 2008 @ 12:21 PM
[Attention: this is not part of the story.]

I haven't completed this story yet. I have never written a story of this sort and wondered if it held any interest from any of you. If you folks find it interesting, I will finish it. Otherwise, I might just start on another project. Thanks for reading.

posted on Apr, 9 2008 @ 06:44 PM
reply to post by sizzle

Well, I'm interested!

I think this great story got a little lost in the shuffle due to the contest entries being pinned. Soooo, got an ending?

posted on Apr, 9 2008 @ 06:51 PM
I'm not fond of fiction or romance novels;
(I barely have time to read.)
But, that is amazing writing, sizzle!

Did you take classes?

posted on Apr, 10 2008 @ 12:00 AM
reply to post by Clearskies

Thanks for replying, Clearskies.
No, I have never taken classes. I had a little high school journalism.
Apparently, no one else here goes for drama or romance either, so I might shelve this for awhile.

posted on Apr, 10 2008 @ 12:05 AM
reply to post by sdp333

Oops! I almost missed your post.
I toyed with an ending, but haven't written it out yet.
The story didn't seem to generate much interest here, so I thought I would just put it on the back burner. Who knows, maybe it will have a place somewhere, someday? Thank you for your interest.

posted on Apr, 24 2008 @ 01:28 AM
Wow I am intregued, What really blows my mind is that I read this before I was an active member! I love your writings. I want to hear more

posted on Apr, 24 2008 @ 03:10 AM
reply to post by 4thefight

Thank you for the kind words of encouragement, 4thefight. If I could get past the writer's block with this one, I would finish it. There are just so many ways it could go. I do not wish to write a tired old story that has been done to death.

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