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Subconcious and Dark Matter

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posted on Apr, 3 2008 @ 09:22 PM
Here's my theory.

First, I don't think anybody understands the subconcious and they just tie it to the brain to fit their idea of a "natural explanation." I will get into "natural explanations" in a minute.

I believe the subconcious is another body made of dark matter or dark energy within your material body.

Now, alot of people will say this doesn't make sense because of the implication of this. If there's a body made of dark energy within your material body, then when you die this energy doesn't die. We will then be up against belief systems and people will do anything to protect their belief system wether it's atheism or religious in nature.

The scientific community will not explore these things because it doesn't fit into their definition of a "natural explanation."

Things like the paranormal and ufology do have natural explanations but the implications of these things scares people and they want to protect their belief system.

Things like Ghost is dealing with energy and ufology is dealing with beings that have evolved and they are years ahead of us in technology.

The term "natural explanation" just means an explanation that agrees with what I already believe.

I believe if we study people who have seen ghosts and psychics it will really give us a grasp on dark energy. When we can fully detect it, I believe they will find a body made of dark matter within the material body.

We have to start thinking beyond our perception if we are going to grasp the true nature of reality.

posted on Apr, 3 2008 @ 10:52 PM
what do you mean?

do you mean a body like an amoeba in the brain, or do you mean body as in an inner shell?

Where would the dark matter be located? just floating around? the only place I could see it existing is in the space between the electrons and the atom. maybe electricity contains (creates a barrier to hold) dark matter?... guess we wont know until we can produce it or can actually interface with it, which wont be for a hundred or two years (if we went into space for it)

posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 09:53 AM
Good questions and these are the types of things that need to be asked and explored.

I actually think the Elohim Created the earth through converting dark matter/energy into visible matter through manipulation of the vacuum through quantum computing or something else.

I will do a whole post on Genesis and science.

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