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A Truer Revelation

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posted on Apr, 3 2008 @ 08:45 PM
What is the revelation you hold?

Here is mines below!

It shall all pass away!
What in all shall? Heaven and earth and these egg shell worlds that make up ppls by breeds, by languages, by cultures, by citizenships (as pertaining to land territory pertaining to where born and/or settled), by classes, by statuses, by etc. There wont be a new heaven and a new earth, but there will be new worlds. As you become the new worlds, instead of a heaven and earth substaining you, that which shall substain you shall be ideal based on your will and desire. For certain that spells out hell while for another certain that spells out the opposite of hell. Nevertheless you shall be subtained fruitfully in either sense. Afterall, even if a fruit is corrupt it's still a fruit nonetheless. Anyhow, being fruitful now you are each as ppls, and ppls are worlds based on the defining rules to the game of life that has an objective. The objective is to be fruitful.

The word "words" in "...but my words shall not pass away" is actually representing worlds by the level make ups I listed. They shall pass away and they wont pass away which in a sense means the basic concept shall remain, but it shall be put superb in a bad way for certain while put superb in a good way for another certain.

Have any of you learned anything or had a revelation? Well dont just sit there and stare. Spill the beans!

You are each as peopleholders taking things out of your treasure new defined as old. I come Futuristic though yet Ancient. I reveal the grand scheme in brief to the general public. In private you shall in time know more within wherein the Light is of the worlds you each are. May the block to the truths and knowledge of all time be removed. All are on stand-by for the Aftermath. Even the closest alien race is on stand-by. There be some alien race standing *here* (where you are) that wont be much longer, that will be wheresoever a blazing fire is because it was them defined as being iniquity manifest manifold throughout and by worlds.

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posted on Apr, 3 2008 @ 10:15 PM
Let me school you all more on hell:

The original hell, which the alien race of iniquity had been able to leave to reincarnate back heavenly and earthly by climbing up some other way as theives defined as robbers, wont remain!! There is the furnace fire and plus there is foretold a furnace fire that is next up. A (Then) 'furn close ace' fire is what the alien race get defined as close come. Afterall, they have to be also very close man-like while being very close fire inorder to feel being being torments. Thus you can understand the Son in that type of makeup. Who all are as parnormal aces make up the Son. This is why the Son is of Man.

Right now hell is in/as the escapable sun. Soon after hell shall change to become far from escapable. Though whoever gets in it will judge it blindly. I can preceive a future... Oo! The alien race of iniquity is too through! True to the objective of being fruitful shall remain. In hell evil intent can remain, but it wont act out as desired in hell. Let it be known, only heavenly and earthly can evil intent act out, and those days shall stop completely. The attitude of the wickedful shall be finished off by a higher Executioner states a living Apocalypse.

posted on Apr, 4 2008 @ 11:44 AM
Each of you belongs to more than one ppl/world and are as more than one ppl/world. How many worlds are there here on the planet? Many! When any one says "the world", they are implying mankind. Though, mankind as the world consists of many worlds.

If you're a short, black rap star born in the USA, you're of the short man's world, the black world, the hip-hop/rap world, the famous celebrity world, the U.S. citizen world, the American world, the english speaking world, and of course the human world. If you defined yourself further, then you're of more worlds. Like your vision...if it's 20/20 you're of the normal sighted world. Like aids if you have it that adds to make you of the aids world. Etc. Thus each of you are as many peoples belonging to many worlds. Though you are individually and specifically one of a blend.

The worlds of the world to come you and come by you shall be of a superb blend leaving cut out what you wont like. Your ideal arrays will put you up top of a fruitful crop that's the being of a superb mankind. Your new generation will be defined and founded how you like in the ideal all. You just dont know it yet, but you each can and shall surround yourself with all you like in the ideal all arrays.

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