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Cancer Treatments

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posted on Apr, 3 2008 @ 03:38 PM
My youngest daughter has cancer in the form of Hogskins Lymphomia. We first discovered it when she was 18. She is now 22. She has gone through three different rounds of Chemo and Radiation.

She was scheduled this week to go into the hospital (MD Anderson) to have a Stem Cell Transplant. The doctors told her this is her only option for a cure, but the transplant may not cure her. I have to question that kind of statement.

She decided not to have the transplant and (against doctors orders) she left the hospital about 6 hours before it was set to start. She told her doctor she wanted to look into other options before letting them poison her body beyond repair. Doctor said she was making a stupid decision.

I don't know if she made the right decision or not. I know there is a chance the Chemo can kill her or damage her body beyond being able to repair itself, so I hate to see her have to go through that. Whether any other "cures" are available is still up in the air.

She has been doing some research and come across something called
Pau D' Arco that sounds promising but I really don't know if that is something she should follow up on...ya know how "Snake Oil Remedies" are!

She has been looking on the internet about this Pau D' Arco, but I wondering if anyone here has any information or first-hand knowledge of how well it works...if at all.

I did a search here, but didn't really find anything that said yeah or nay...just kinda middle of the road.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you


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